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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Night of the Animals (1971)

  • Larry McCoy
  • Doug Draine
  • Mary Anne
I saw this rare early-1970s X-rated, soft-porn film from a VHS distributed by Something Weird Video. The movie begins with two men, one Black and one White escaping from prison where they are picked-up by car in a field by a Black woman accomplish after their escape. The three then rob a liquor store, murder the cashier by shooting him pointblank in the head and commit a home-invasion of a middle-class family's home that include a father, wife, daughter and the daughter's boyfriend who is killed by the three upon their initial invasion. What happens next would probably not be allowed to say in detail, but it is bad. Bad in both the circumstances of how the forced sex occurs at first, until the family members give in after been forced to drink the three home-invaders' whiskey and pop their pills, and bad as in the way it was filmed and acted. I also emphasize that NIGHT OF THE ANIMALS is soft-pornography. It is all simulated sex. If released today it would probably receive a USA rating of NC-17.