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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1976)


In the Antebellum South, sadistic slave trader Simon Legree (Lom) is collecting slaves from the Shelby household as payment for a bad investment, including the kindly Uncle Tom (Kitzmiller). Legree acquires Harris' sister, Cassy (Moorefield), engaging in an almost sadomasochistic relationship with his reluctant mistress. One of Legree's escaped slaves, Napolean (Mouldon), is nursed back to health by Melissa (Jenson), a white widow who becomes his lover. Napoleon resumes his journey, but he is prayed upon by Legree's lackeys, who rape and torture him. At the urging of Uncle Tom, the slaves resist their oppressors. Harris, Eliza, and their son escape to freedom, while the men who attacked Napoleon are ambushed and lynched.