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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red Ink (2000)

  • Davi Jay
  • Clarence Whitmore
  • Diego Villarreal Garcia
I just watched a DVD the day before yesterday called Atlanta Murders but here its called Red Ink.I know its the same one because I remembered the name Debbie Flowers-I mean what a Hell of a name that is!! I get DVDs for very little-sometimes for nothing-and any I don't like go the Age Concern because I do a lot for charity. This however is a keeper as its subject matter is pretty frightening stuff which smacks of the German and Japanese medical experiments of the 1930s and 1940s.. Its like the mad scientist syndrome here-a belief that by extracting fluid from the testicles speeds up the ageing process for the "patient" and slow it down for the ones who are innoculated Maybe thats why George Bush doesn't look his age! Anyway I usually like the True Story type and this I found quite adequate as it slowly builds up into not just unsolved murders but the reason why they're unsolved. Read between the lines and its a Government Cover Up!! And the reason? Because "George Bush doesn't like black people"!!! Yes this is frightening stuff when you realise the "operations" have probably been conducted without anaesthetic and the mind boggles when you also realise that this is the body's most sensitive area.The pain must have hit the threshold. This much IS true.