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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Othello, The Black Commando (1982)



In it's rare original English dialogue and only available on VHS, Max H. Boulois' only film as producer and last film as director and writer Othello, el comando negro also known as Othello, the Black Commando involves an international Red Cross column wiped out as it proceeds to Tubesti, Africa, a remote region where both war and a viral epidemic have broken out. Dr. Desdemona Ferguson (Joanna Pettet), the daughter of an influential United States Senator, tries to pull all her strings to Washington in order to obtain help and protection for her stranded group and the stricken community. In this hellhole of death and destruction, she runs head on into General "Black Commando" Othello (Max H. Boulois), a proud man, a hired war machine who commands the undying devotion of a loyal group of guerrilla fighter who would never think of refusing his orders. The mercenary and the doctor fight against each other, but, out of the turmoil of tragedy and suffering, the constant danger and the endless killing, a passion arises between them. They quickly realize that each is not the others' only enemy. Colonel Mago (Tony Curtis) hates Othello for his power and Desdemona, and her indifferences to his desires. They could easily end up as casualties of their own battles, not the real war...


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