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Friday, January 25, 2013

Get Down On It (2001)

  • Mac Bootsie
  • Genieve Perrin
  • Bruce Petty
This movie has to be, along with Hell 2 Tha Naw (2001), one of the two most insanely ghetto (fabulous) urban comedies that I've seen. The plot revolves around the trial and travails of Kinky and Ta-Ta, two best friends and self described "hoochies," who make a bet with one another to see who can land a sugar daddy first. One of the conditions is that he have some ends ("He gotta make cheese, and I don't mean no government cheese") and that he lives in a "mansion" (which by Kinky and Ta-Ta's standards means at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.) Anyhow, newly imbued with a sense of purpose, they set out to the club to begin their quest. One comedic subplot involves the seemingly innocent white girl from the nicer side of town that Kinky hires to watch her three kids when she goes out, who turns into quite the hoochie mama herself as soon as she's left alone, immediately opening the house up as a nightclub and charging neighborhood youths 5 bucks a head to get in. Meanwhile, back at the club, Kinky & Ta-Ta are harangued by a procession of horny males, including a pip-squeak pimp and a smooth, lover-man R&B singer names Rocky (who turns out to have a Tarzan fetish, in one of the funnier scenes of the movie.) One of the men turns out to not be such a bad guy, and is able to successfully woo Kinky in the days following their encounter at the club. Although he doesn't make the cheese just yet, he's an aspiring fashion designer, whose "Weird Wear" label has, presumably, yet to take off. But he's into Kinky for Kinky, not just for sex, and will accept her, warts and all. This causes Kinky to reconsider her bet with Ta-Ta, which in turn leads to the big dramatic falling out scene ("I don't wanna be a hoochie no more! I don't even wanna be called Kinky no more!") What will happen? Will there be wedding bells in Kinky's future? I'll say no more, other than that I loved every minute of it. Although it was seemingly shot on a VHS camcorder, with a budget of food stamps, the lo-fi charm of it all comes through, and there are actually some pretty funny bits to boot. Check it out if you're a fan of low-budget urban comedies.