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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Various Artist - Black Samurai (1978)

1. Alan Hawkshaw - Flashback
2. Fernando Pearson - Mellow Dancer
3. Keith Mansfield - Love Poem
4. Walter Murphy - Dangerous Curves
5. Keith Mansfeild - Aggressive Jazz Theme
6. Alan Parker - Soul Slap (Instrumental)
7. Madeline Bell - Soul Slap (Vocal)
8. Frank McDonald - Super Kool
9. Johnny Pearson - The Big Fuzz
10. Walter Murphy - Emergency
11. Walter Murphy - Back Streets
12. Walter Murphy - Time Runs Out
13. Syd Dale - Walk in a Nightmare
14. Syd Dale - Piece Worker
15. Frank McDonald - Prowl
16. Walter Murphy - Night Stalker
17. Walter Murphy - Emergency
18. Walter Murphy - Creepy Street
19. Walter Murphy - Lurking Shadows
20. Walter Murphy - Insomnia
21. Military Percussion Two (bonus)

An unofficial release compiled by Blaxploitation Pride's friend Frakyer. 


Erik said...

This is a most original and thought through effort on Mr. Frayker Breaks part on constructing what might have been an issued OST from Black Samurai. However, in the absence of a theme song I doubt that much of this was actually featured in the movie. After a listen I have to give it the thumbs up for sheer funkiness tho' and admit that Frayker knows his library music very well. An unknowing downloader might very well mistake this for the real thing especially w. that dynamite "fake cover" of his. Thanks Frayker for all the effort that went into this and I'm looking forward to future reconstruction projects from You.

Anonymous said...

hi funkback glad you enjoyed this ost i compiled, but every single track compiled in this soundtrack was used in the film, with flashback used as the main theme on the clsecond clip below (jungle fight) track is called, Night Stalker by Walter Murphy - , plus there is 3 more unidentified track to come, all sourced from the valentino major bruton & kpm libraries, links to the film are on via my blog,


Concept said...

Great Album, thanks a lot!

Erik said...

To F. Breaks: You mean to say that this project is unfinished? There is more research to be done on Your part to uncover library music to match the running sequence of the movie score? If You succeed: by all means good luck and please let me know here or on You blog if there is indeed any progress. I'm very interrested. I'm glad to have You contribute stuff over here. Are You cool with me publishing it over at cinemageddon where the origingal movie is currently available as part of the ongoing blaxploitation project?

Anonymous said...

no probs funkback, by all means publish it over at cinemageddon yip, there is 4 tracks still outstanding to add to this project, 2 of the 4 i have identified "including" the music in the movie where jim kelly takes a triop in the old jet pack, lol, , once the last 2 have been found i will upload into a new edition and link it my blog,

thanks again


Godfaz said...

Man !

I just discovered this blog and I LOVE it !

Thanks a lot for the work you've done !

Mad props !

(lots of "!" in this comment)

Soulfinga said...

Hey man!

thx for all the good stuff the last weeks ... i see you´re down with alan hawkshaw ... if you need some library lp´s get @ me, got tonz of ´em, especially music dewolfe and the whole kpm stuff;-)

and hey, new posts on my blog

have a nice week, peace Soulfinga

Unknown said...

do you have any other download links>?

Henry R. Kujawa said...

Wow! I SAW this movie back when, as the middle of a triple-bill with HONG KONG SUPERMAN, BLACK SAMURAI and KATO'S REVENGE (when a compilation of 3 TV episodes is the highlight of the bill, that says something).

BLACK SAMURAI was clearly a low-budget film, yet the biggest-budget of the 3 flicks that weekend. So, looking back, I'm not surprised it was scored with KPM music. Including one "SPIDEY" track, "Walk In A Nightmare" (heard in "MENACE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD").

If anybody here would like to delve into that section of Library Music, check out the "SPIDEY-JAZZ" yahoo group...

I'd also be very interested in learning more about DeWolff, etc. It's become clear there was more than just KPM music used in Spidey's 2nd & 3rd seasons, but tons of it have not turned up yet, and the DeWolff site has pitifully little of its entire catalog at their website.


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog, I just watched Black Samurai, awesome soundtrack!

Unfortunately... the link isn't working anymore! Any chance of having it fixed? Thanks!