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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charley Cuva - Pound (1970)


1. Lame Motherfucker
2. Godboy
3. Theme From Pound
4. Guided

 Maverick director Robert 'Putney Swope' Downey Sr. (father of Robert Downey Jr.) directed this crazy movie about a dog pound featuring talking dogs in 1970. An R-rated cult classic, some of the voiceovers were provided by respected actors, but unlike Putney Swope this movie is (undeservedly) almost forgotten. This private pressing white label soundtrack (with hand-stamped cover!) is extremely rare, and incredibly funky. 'For God's sake do not broadcast!', the cover states, and you can hear why - the lyrics are very funny and completely obscene. Half instrumental and half vocal, it's a small group raw funk monster, filled with huge beats, choppy guitar and big horns. Remortgage the house, sell the car, cash in your stocks and buy it - superb stuff.

has put in his 10cents uncovering this records mystery. He reveals that this is a 10" record.

Anonymous has finally provided the final clues to unravel it's mystery. Now we all know what we hear. Thanx!