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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jose Feliciano - Aaron Loves Angela (1975)

1. Angela
2. I've got a feeling
3. Sweet street
4. Nirvana (part 1, part 2)
5. Why
6. Michaelangelo
7. Salsa negra
8. As long as I have you
Hit guitar crooner Feliciano in blaxploitation soundtrack shock? Yes - Jose Feliciano actually did write the music to Aaron Loves Angela, on his album called simply 'Angela'. He also had a cameo in the movie. The music is surprisingly funky - there are some solid beats on here, and a couple of the tracks genuinely get in-the-pocket in a short of blaxploitation-lite feel. Note that the brass section includes Tom Scott, and Willie Bobo also guests. Well worth a relatively cheap dig - you might be surprised.

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Aaron Loves Angela (1975)