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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jose Feliciano - Aaron Loves Angela (1975)

1. Angela
2. I've got a feeling
3. Sweet street
4. Nirvana (part 1, part 2)
5. Why
6. Michaelangelo
7. Salsa negra
8. As long as I have you
Hit guitar crooner Feliciano in blaxploitation soundtrack shock? Yes - Jose Feliciano actually did write the music to Aaron Loves Angela, on his album called simply 'Angela'. He also had a cameo in the movie. The music is surprisingly funky - there are some solid beats on here, and a couple of the tracks genuinely get in-the-pocket in a short of blaxploitation-lite feel. Note that the brass section includes Tom Scott, and Willie Bobo also guests. Well worth a relatively cheap dig - you might be surprised.

Movie Review
Aaron Loves Angela (1975)


Anonymous said...

This album is terrific!!! I tried to find a lot of times this album in CD or vinyl but it´s not easy because is out of stock in many places...

Thanks a lot for this excellent contribution!!!

Anonymous said...

How can I Open This File to listen?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks ! Just found out your site, tons of good stuff here, thanks and respect !

Alex said...

This soundtrack by Jose Feliciano is fantastic, funky soul and guitar masterwork inside,
absolutely genial the arrangments of the last -long final of the song "Angela" included only in the Lp (more than 6 min) and some cut like Sweet Street, Salsa Negra. I've got a feelling and the incredible guitar masterwork on the instrumental on "nirvana part1 e 2".

Unfortunately the old little label "Provate Stock" not has never released this on CD, so we have only old vinyl on market of this gem

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing,

Sergej said...

Is there any link to this album?
Thank you

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