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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mister Tibbs (1970)

1. Call Me Mr. Tibbs (Main Title)
2. Rev. Logan (Organ Solo)
3. Blues For Mr. Tibbs
4. Fat Poppadaddy
5. Soul Flower
6. Call Me Mr. Tibbs (Main Title)
7. Black Cherry
8. Family Man
9. Side Pocket
10. Why, Daddy?
11. Call Me Mr. Tibbs (End Title)
This album features the massive hit theme from Quincy Jones, covers of which can be found on almost every 1970's tribute album. It's a superb crime funk jam, driven by organ and keyboard and backed up by a huge brass section. "Fat Poppadaddy" is a strong track too - find it for the theme alone.