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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quincy Jones - The Lost Man (1969)

1. The Lost Man (Main Title: vocal by The Kids From PASLA)
2. Sweet Soul Sister (vocal: Nate Turner and the Mirettes)
3. Slum Creeper (instr.)
4. Rap, Run It On Down (vocal: Nate Turner, Venetta Fields & The Mirettes)
5. He Says He Loves Me (vocal: Ernestine Anderson & The Pree Sisters)
6. Main Squeeze (instr.)
7. Try, Try, Try (vocal: Venetta Fields and The Mirettes)
8. Need To Be Needed (instr.)
9. Up Against The Wall (instr.)
10. He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow (vocal: The Church Choir)
11. End Title (vocal: Geraldine Janes, bass: Ray Brown, guitar: Arthur Adams)
A fairly obscure Quincy Jones score to a film featuring Julie Christie. This album has a similar feel to the The Italian Job and borrows a number of rhythmic motifs from that LP. The best track is the slow groove number "Main Squeeze", containing some great percussion and keyboard work.