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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Quincy Jones - The Lost Man (1969)

1. The Lost Man (Main Title: vocal by The Kids From PASLA)
2. Sweet Soul Sister (vocal: Nate Turner and the Mirettes)
3. Slum Creeper (instr.)
4. Rap, Run It On Down (vocal: Nate Turner, Venetta Fields & The Mirettes)
5. He Says He Loves Me (vocal: Ernestine Anderson & The Pree Sisters)
6. Main Squeeze (instr.)
7. Try, Try, Try (vocal: Venetta Fields and The Mirettes)
8. Need To Be Needed (instr.)
9. Up Against The Wall (instr.)
10. He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow (vocal: The Church Choir)
11. End Title (vocal: Geraldine Janes, bass: Ray Brown, guitar: Arthur Adams)
A fairly obscure Quincy Jones score to a film featuring Julie Christie. This album has a similar feel to the The Italian Job and borrows a number of rhythmic motifs from that LP. The best track is the slow groove number "Main Squeeze", containing some great percussion and keyboard work.


Anonymous said...

roots, man!

Anonymous said...

The song "Rap, Run It On Down" with vocals by Nate Turner, Venetta Fields and the Mirettes is on the mix: Funky16Corners Radio v.92 – Regular Funk.

You can listen or download at: