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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Muthers (1976)


This black-oriented women's prison film from Filipino director Cirio H. Santiago (T.N.T. Jackson) stars Playboy Playmates Rosanne Katon and Jeanne Bell as the leader of a pirate gang who goes undercover at a prison farm to save Bell's sister. As the wicked Serena, Jayne Kennedy cracks a whip and acts nasty until finally leading the obligatory insurrection. The prisoners pick coffee beans and the pirate women know kung-fu, making this one of the quirkier entries in the subgenre. Former Bond-girl Trina Parks (Diamonds Are Forever) and Santiago regular Ken Metcalfe co-star.


filmbuff said...

I have looked for this film for so long, a older friend of mine has told this was a good film.

Anonymous said...

is this the whole movie? this file is 1h 18mins long and imdb says that it should be 101 min long??

aMusaic said...

Not the whole movie - the complete ending is not there.

Kid Voltron said...

Can anyone please re-upload this movie, in it's extracted form? I've downloaded it on different machines and different networks but it's always corrupt...none of the other gems gave me this problem, I'd really appreciated thank you very much!

SelfScience said...

Kid: I fix the file. You can get it now