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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Story Of A 3-Day Pass aka La Permission (1968)

  • Harry Baird
  • Pierre Doris
  • Christian Marin
  • Nicole Berger
  • Karell Jonathan Beer
  • Jon Carlson

The Story of a Three-Day Pass is a 1968 film written and directed by Melvin Van Peebles based on his novel La Permission. It tells the story of Turner (Harry Baird), a Black army man who meets a White Parisian named Miriam (Nicole Berger). The pair spends a weekend together, enjoying their romance but also struggling with the complexities of racism. Eventually their miscegenation is reported to Turner's Captain (Hal Brav) and he's restricted to barracks where he realizes the futility of such amorous adventures- from Wikipedia

Note: As you see listed on the immediate right hand side of this post, the original soundtrack for "La Permission" along with a great deal of Melvin Van Peebles recordings are very hard to come by.

Mr. Wone