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Sunday, January 13, 2008

J.J. Johnson - Cleopatra Jones (1973)


1. Theme from Cleopatra Jones
2. Wrecking Yard
3. Love Doctor
4. Airport Flight
5. Emdee
6. Desert Sunrise/Main Title Instrumental [Instrumental]
7. It Hurts So Good
8. Goin' to the Chase
9. Go Chase Cleo
10. Cleo and Reuben
11. Wrap Up
12. Theme from Cleopatra Jones [Instrumental]
J.J. Johnson teamed up with Millie Jackson and Joe Simon for this soundtrack, another strong album. The big band funk style is typical of other Johnson albums of the time and is particularly good on "Go, Cleo, Go", a track that exhibits all the elements of blaxploitation funk - a massive breakbeat, wah guitar and big horns. The Joe Simon track was a minor hit.