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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Impressions - Three The Hard Way (1974)

1. Make a resolution
2. Wendy
3. That's what love will do
4. Something's mighty, mighty wrong
5. Mister Keyes
6. Having a ball
7. On the move
8. Three the hard way (chase and theme)
Far from The Impression's best album, this LP sounds as if it was recorded quickly with little feel to any of the tracks. All the vocal numbers feature a typically sweet harmony from The Impressions over the top of a weak funk backing. The album contains one reasonable track in "That's What Love Can Do", a vocal number with an acid-jazz feel.


jcmoss33 said...

Well said, not their best work. Still, it's great to have in the collection. Thanks

K3nny B said...

I liked it, agreed not one of their best, but I definitely think 'That's what love will do' should be put on in their greatest hits

LatishaL said...

The song that was playing during the scene where Fred Williamson meets one young lady, then he goes off to me another young lady for a boat ride. I noticed that song was not on the soundtrack. Do you have it!

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