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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Manu Dibango - Countdown at Kusini (1975)


1. Go Slow Streets
2. Motapo
3. Promenade (Kusini)
4. Bokolo's Boogie
5. Jam Session
6. Marnie
7. Bush
8. Lea's Love Theme
9. Blowin' Western Mind
10. Liberation's Song
11. Red Salter
Manu Dibango is one of the original fathers of the Afro-funk scene. His huge worldwide hit 'Soul Makossa' paved the way for artists such as Fela Kuti and Hugh Masakela. This rare soundtrack was produced in tiny quantities for the premiere of the obscure Ossie Davis movie in Seattle in August 1975. Each album is individually numbered, and signed by the cast. It's a superb blend of African rhythms, jazz, and a heavy dose of space jazz and funk. There are too many good tracks to mention, from uptempo dancefloor cuts to slower mellow numbers, all featuring Manu's superb sax playing. Thanks to Wonder B (the original French funkateer) for a hot tip on this one.