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Sunday, January 13, 2008

James Brown - Black Caesar (1973)

1. Down And Out In New York City
2. Blind Man Can See It
3. Sportin' Life
4. Dirty Harri
5. The Boss
6. Make It Good To Yourself
7. Mama Feelgood (Lyn Collins)
8. Mama's Dead
9. White Lightning (I Mean Moonshine)
10. Chase
11. Like It Is, Like It Was
This album represents James Brown's first attempt at a soundtrack LP, heavily assisted by Fred Wesley. The album contains a strong mix of vocal and instrumental tracks in the classic JB / JB's style and includes the superb 'Mama Feelgood' by Lynn Collins.

Movie Review
Black Caesar (1973)


DefChef said...

I just stumbled onto yr blog when I was looking for the cover art for "Tough Guys", you've got a lot of great, great info on here! I'll definitely be hangin' out....

DefChef said...

Also: the .bad thing? Genius.

Anonymous said...

yeah great Job - thx a lot - about Time !!! take care keep on -

.bad ... yeah pretty ...

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thanks for this great blog. gives me a lot of inspiration. keep on!

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