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Monday, January 14, 2008

Badder Than Evil - Gordon's War (1973)

1. Child Of Tomorrow (sung by Barbara Mason)
2. Just Plain Luther
3. He'll Be There
4. Roberta's Theme
5. Harlem Dreams
6. Come And Dream Some Paradise (sung by New Birth)
7. Tell That Man To Go To Hell
8. Child Of Tomorrow
9. Super Shine Number 9 (sung by Sister Goose And The Ducklings)
10. Hot Wheels (The Chase)
11. Child Of Tomorrow (sung by Barbara Mason)
Gordon's War' is one of the most consistently raw and funky soundtracks of the entire blaxploitation catalog. A superb studio band, Badder Than Evil, join forces with Barbara Mason, New Birth and Sister Goose And The Ducklings to create a classic blaxploitation album to rival the likes of Coffy and Across 110th Street. The sound is tight, small group funk backed with a strong brass section. 'Hot Wheels (The Chase)' is one of the very best soundtrack funk chase themes. The vocal tracks are strong and soulful, too.