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Monday, January 14, 2008

Donny Hathaway & Quincy Jones- Come Back Charleston Blue (1972)

1. Main theme
2. Basie
3. String segue
4. Vegetable wagon
5. Harlem dawn
6. Scratchy record
7. Explosion
8. Hearse to graveyard
9. Switch "Charleston Blue"
10. Come back Basie
11. Detective's goof
12. Gravedigger Jones & Coffin Ed's funeral
13. String segue
14. Little ghetto boy
15. Hail to the queen
16. Drag queen chase
17. Bossa nova
18. Tim's high
19. Furniture truck
20. Liberation
21. Come back Charleston Blue
An interesting but not entirely satisfying album from Quincy Jones. This LP features one of Donny Hathaway's finest songs, 'Little Ghetto Boy', a moving track of such beauty that it deserves a much wider audience. The rest of the LP is an uneven mix of short traditional jazz and funk instrumental tracks.