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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Luchi DeJesus - Friday Foster (1975)

1. Friday Foster Main Title - Ward L. Chandler
2. Friday/Getting Set
3. The Assassins/The Pidgeon/Hit
4. Mackin/Fancy Pants/Glad Rags
5. Skin City
6. Don't Drop The Soap/Final Solution
7. Hasty Exit/Wheels/Cat & Mouse/Spider & Fly
8. Be Gay
9. Position #69
10. Black Widow
11. Be Shait/Jericho/Super Man
12. WW III
13. Friday (End Titles)

A strong soundtrack that offers that familiar blaxploitation feel. DeJesus delivers several cuts that exemplify the usage of the "wah wah" sound and that gritty harmonic flow. Definitely worth it!