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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monk Higgins - Sheba Baby (1975)

1. B B D
2. Three hoods
3. Sheba baby (vocal)
4. Get down Sheba
5. I'm in love with you (vocal)
6. Railroad
7. "Who the hell is that"
8. Heavyshot
9. A good man is gone (vocal)
10. Number one man
11. Sheba
12. The shark
13. Breast stroke
14. Speedboat
15. Good bye
16. She did it (vocal)
An interesting album from jazz players Monk Higgins and Alex Brown. Barbara Mason sings a strong late 70's funk feel theme, while the rest of the album is taken up with short, tight instrumentals. The album has a clean, crisp and jazz-influenced sound.


Flormega said...

very cool!!!!
thanks man!!!!
respect for your job,very appreciate!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is the best black music blog in the internet!!!
thanks a lot for your all the great job!!!

this ost sounds great.i love it..
i think
track #3. Sheba baby (vocal) got some can you re-up it ?

Jeff said...

This is a great up, thanks much!

I can confirm there is a problem with track 3 though...if you have a better copy handy a re-up would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

go to - fixed track three can be found over there...

Anonymous said...

wow excelent

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