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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones (1974)

01. Main Theme
02. Sydney's Theme
03. Opening Theme
04. Main Theme (version 2)
05. At The Beach
06. Symphony for Jones:Warehouse Battle/Pinky/Collectors Theme/Drug
07. Drama
08. Mafia Theme (Drama Part 2)
09. Love Theme
10. Battle Theme
11. Dragon Style [Music & Fight Sound Effects]
12. Sexy (Love Theme Part 2)
13. Mr Jones
14. Excerpts: Don't Stop/One Two (Dialogue)/Come on In (Dialogue)/Papa Bird/ Turn Her Out/The Money Pinky/Stay/Double Cross
15. Super Slick (Get Pinky)
The Holy Grail of blaxploitation soundtracks? Very possibly. And it's that good. Now going for three figure sums, this superb 45 really deserves the hype, as both sides are super-tight. The theme's amazing - killer bassline, superb male chant carrying the melody, big drums... and the flip's supposedly a love theme but is damn funky, with a mad choppy rhythm that's all over the place, but massively funky. Without doubt, as good as it gets.

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