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Sunday, January 13, 2008

War - Youngblood (1978)

1. Youngblood (livin' in the streets)
2. Sing a happy song
3. Keep on doin'
4. The Kingsmen sign
5. Walking to war
6. This funky music makes you feel good
7. Junk yard
8. Superdude
9. Youngblood & Sybil
10. Flying machine (the chase)
11. Searching for Youngblood & Rommel
12. Youngblood (livin' in the streets) Reprise
A relatively unknown, late blaxploitation album that forged the links of acid jazz. Often found languishing in vinyl bargain bins, don't miss it for the great latin-tinged funk of "Flying Machine (The Chase)" and several strong vocal funk tracks in typical War style. The main theme's a ten minute bomb, too.