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Monday, January 14, 2008

Billy Preston & Syreeta - Fast Break (1979)

1. Go For It (Theme From "Fast Break")
2. Welcome To Cadwallader (instr.)
3. More Than Just A Friend
4. With you I'm Born Again (instr.)
5. He Didn't Stay
6. With You I'm Born Again
7. Books And Basketball (Montage, instr.)
8. Half Time (instr.)
9. The Big Game (instr.)
10. Go For It (Disco)
Don't miss this bargin bin album from Billy Preston and Syreeta if you like a late 70's funk sound. David Shire, the man behind the classic funk score to 'Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3', writes several noteworthy disco-funk cuts for this basketball movie including the great 70's gameshow-style instrumentals "The Big Game" and "Books And Basketball". The theme "Go For It" was a big hit at the time.