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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kiss of Death (1997)

  • Vanity
  • Cristi Harris
  • Daniel McVicar

So somebody finally bothered to add this film to the IMDb. That's good cause maybe I can find somebody else to discuss this with.

Bizarrely this movie only seems to be available in Germany. So I got the (cheap) DVD and watched. Hmm, a cheap movie. Now maybe somebody can help explain what exactly is going on.

The set up was crazy. The Al Capone foundation? I think we could have had a little elaboration with that could have been an intriguing development of the plot (like Peggy and Aldo slowly discover there's some devilish price to pay for their house). But no...

I understand the main story. But what I suppose were meant to be subplots were a complete mystery to me. And the ending? Well, rarely has any movie had such a depressing, empty finish.

But the strangest part was (and if you've seen it I'm guessing you know what I'm about to say) is the moment when Peggy starts to undo her top in that guy's office...AND THE FLIPPING MOVIE PAUSES! YES PAUSES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOT! Then it cuts back to the guy. What the hell was the idea of that? There's plenty of T&A elsewhere in the film so why clumsily edit what would have otherwise been a decent scene?

And the photo shown on the DVD case doesn't appear in the movie.

The only way I can explain all this is maybe the filmmakers couldn't have actually finished shooting the movie.

Having said all that, this film is a brilliant purchase if you like Christi Harris.

Anybody want to comment? Then get onto the message board and let's thrash this one out.