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Friday, December 26, 2008

Various Artist - When We Were Kings (1997)

1. Rumble in the Jungle - Fugees feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, John Forte 2. Drew 'Bundini' Brown [Live]
3. Ain't No Sunshine/You [Live] [Medley] - Bill Withers
4. Sweet Sixteen [Live]- B.B. King
5. African Girls Chant
6. When I Get to Africa [Live] - Muhammad Ali
7. The Payback [Live] - James Brown
8. Mobutu Chant [Live]
9. I'll Be Around [Live] - Spinners
10. Put It Where You Want It [Live] - Jazz Crusaders
11. Wait Till I Kick Foreman's Behind [Live] - Muhammad Ali
12. I Got Some Help I Don't Need [Live] - B.B. King
13. Gonna Have A Funky Good Time [Live] - James Brown
14. Mr. Tooth Decay [Live] - Muhammad Ali
15. I'm Coming Home [Live] - Spinners
16. When We Were Kings - Brian McKnight & King
17. Drew 'Bundini' Brown [Live]
18. I'm Calling (Say It Loud) - Zelma Davis
19. You Out Sucker [Live] - Muhammad Ali
20. Chant [Live]

Anonymous Review @
The songs on here by BB King, the Spinners, and James Brown are some great pieces of work. They're so alive and so full of energy and truly great live pieces of work. Given all of that, the "Rumble In The Jungle" song by the Fugees and the rest is a great new addition to this wonderful collection of more classic R&B. Heck this CD is almost worth the price purely for the quotes by Ali that go on throughout the piece. Ali was a great fighter but his mastery of the English language and his wit still amaze me at times. Moreover this CD is a wonderful representation of the documentary (which I feel is a must see by the way) and I can see visions of it dancing through my head.

Contributed by thecorrector