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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trick Baby (1972)


Trick Baby is the gritty story of the relationship between two Philly con men, Johnny "Folks" O'Brien, a white man, and "Blue" Howard, a black man. From an early age, Blue raised Folks as his own son and treated him as if he was black. However, Blue passed on more than his heritage when he taught him the ways of the street and the art of the con. Folks was a natural, and in no time they were using their skill and their color to play on people's prejudices and fears. Then, on one hellish day, things begin to unravel when they get in over their heads with a crooked cop and some shady investors. Now the heat is on, friends are scarce and they must rely on each other. But when the chips are down, can people of different races really trust each other? In the next 24 hours, Blue and Folks will learn the disturbing truth about themselves and the world they prey on. 


Keith said...

I've heard about this one from some buddies, but never had a chance to see it. Sounds pretty cool.

truelivin said...

Hey Self-Sci, is their a soundtrack for this movie?

HonestLee said...

Yeah, did they release the soundtrack for this. It was hot!

Funkback said...

Hope You guys don't mind me replyin' but I'm not aware of any officially released material from this. It doesnt' sound like the usual library material either and James Bond sounds like an Alias used for an arranger who coldn't use his real name at the time because of contractual reasons. I completely agree It's a hot soundtrack and it should be dug out from obscurity and released on it's own.