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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jerry Peters and Jerry Butler - Melinda (1972)

1. Speak Truth to the People (Frankie's Theme)
2. Melinda Title Theme (Instrumental)
3. Part III (Instrumental)
4. Tank's Theme
5. Love Is
6. Melinda Latino (Instrumental)
7. I Can't Let You Go (Instrumental)
8. The Blues: Dope Pusher's Theme (Instrumental)
9. Music for Tank's Boat (Instrumental)
10. Melinda Reprise
Solid funky soul soundtrack from Jerry Butler and Jerry Peters to the above average 1972 blaxploitation movie Melinda (directed by Hugh A. Robertson). A good mix of vocal ballads, funky soul, a bit of sitar, some cracking mid-tempo funk instrumentals and even a bit of blues - all well arranged with the nice use of brass and string accompaniments and some damn fine beats. This is a proper soundtrack reissue - not just a load of noise from the audio track of a DVD. "some great funk keyboard work and a classic seven-minute funk jam theme. The sound is small-group funk, with a loose, raw edge and Fender Rhodes high in the mix"