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Friday, December 5, 2008

Two Funky Blaxploitation Grooves @ Music Dawn

The Final Solution - Brotherman (1975)
HIGH ART Numero commissioned graphic artists Mike Davis and Michael Gaughan to create the fictional film poster for Brotherman.
Continuing a tradition that began with Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, and culminated with Shaft and Superfly, Brotherman was a blaxploitation film set to hit screens in 1975. Prior to the script being finished, the producers commissioned an original sound track to be performed by The Final Solution, a fledgling vocal group from Chicago's west side. In classic Numero fashion, before even one foot of film was shot, the plug was pulled and the movie was cancelled. Dragged around for 30 years by songwriter, guitarist and arranger Carl Wolfolk, the tapes of his life's work have finally been mixed, and the soundtrack album has been augmented to include two orchestrated instrumentals intended for the film. Having no stills from the film to work with, the Numero Group tasked Minneapolis' Burlesque of North America to paint a cover that could withstand the scrutiny of any blaxploitation poster geek. The deluxe single disc set is housed in our standard slipcase, with a plush booklet detailing the known history of the film and the group that created the music.

Link to interesting (and enlightening) article on The Final Solution in Time Out Magazine:

Tracklist :
01 Brotherman
02 Never Coming Back Again
03 I Don't Care
04 Girl In My Life
05 Gotta Get Through To You
06 One Day
07 I'm Ready For Love
08 To See You Again
09 We Can Work It Out
10 Where There's A Will
11 Theme From Brotherman
12 No Place To Run
Ricardo Tubbs & The Inner Thumb - Soul Ecstasy OST '1972
Great soundtrack to the long lost 70's Blaxploitation movie Soul Ecstasy. With a plot containing such volatile content as The Black Panthers collaborating with the Red Chinese, young girls kidnapped and sold to Hong Kong bordellos, Soul Ecstasy didn't get much of a theatrical run before it was closed down by 'The Man'.

Sadly, the only existing print of the movie was destroyed in a fire, but luckily for us the master tapes of the soundtrack were tracked down and have been released here for the very first time.

It's a groovy, funky and very cool sounding blaxploitation soundtrack with hints of Curtis Mayfield's Superfly in the main theme along with with some cool funk and sitars throughout.

Warning: this soundtrack may or may not be a very convincing fake - we'll let you decide. Hell - it really doesn't matter - it's a fantastic set of funky tunes anyway...


1. Soul Ecstasy (vocal version)
2. Soul Submarine
3. Citroens & Sitars
4. Hong Kong Inn
5. Pussyfoot Ray
6. Club Kidnap
7. Hop Scotch
8. Sensuous Boogie
9. Soul Sarod
10. Fly Trap
11. Jungle Lust
12. Flesh Peddler
13. Looking For Soul
14. Soul Ecstasy (instrumental version)

Funkback's comment:
I used babelfish on Musicdawns russian site and he seems to have the 411 on these guys. They are in fact moonlighting DJ's from the late '90s and actually tried to withdraw this little gem from the market when the trainspotters got wind of their scheme. A pity since this is good music. Thank You Music Dawn for schooling us!!

Music Dawn

Also make sure you explore the site some. I promise you will find some bangin music there.