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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bobby Womack and J.J. Johnson - Across 110th Street (Delux Edition) (1972)

1. Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
2. [Dialogue] We Throught We Are OK
3. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Harlem Clavinette
4. Bobby Womack & Peace - If You Don't Want My Love
5. [Dialogue] Punk Errand Boy
6. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Hang On In There
7. [Dialogue] The Man
8. Bobby Womack & Peace - Quicksand
9. [Dialogue] 150 Rounds
10. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Harlem Love Theme
11. [Dialogue] Sick & Tired
12. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Across 110th Street (Instrumental)
13. [Dialogue] Take The Money
14. Bobby Womack & Peace - Do It Right
15. Bobby Womack & Peace - Hang On in There
16. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - If You Don't Want My Love
17. [Dialogue] This Is The Police
18. Bobby Womack & Peace - Across 110th Street (Part II)

I cam across his today and realized that this version has 7 more tracks than the one I posted on the blog a while ago. It includes dialogue from the movie and a few extra song perform by Bobby Womack. Enjoy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Various Artist - Crooklyn OST (1994)

This is one of my favorite Spike Lee movies with a great soundtrack to go with it as well. Thanks once again brother Musicdawn.

1. The Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn
2. The Staple Singers – Respect Yourself
3. Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People
4. Curtis Mayfield – Pusher Man
5. The Persuaders – Thin Line Between Love and Hate
6. Joe Cuba – El Pito (I’ll Never go Back to Georgia)
7. The Jackson 5 – ABC
8. The Chi-Lites – Oh Girl
9. The Spinners – Mighty Love
10. Jean Knight – Mr. Big Stuff
11. The Five Stairseps – Ooh, Child
12. The JB’s – Pass The Peas -
13. The Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today
14. Marc Dorsey – People Make The World Go Round

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Branford Marsalis Quartet - Mo' Better Blues OST (1990)

1. Harlem Blues (Vocals by Cynda Williams)
2. Say Hey
3. Knocked Out The Box
4. Again Never
5. Mo’ Better Blues
6. Pop Top 40 (Vocals by Denzel Washington , Wesley Snipes)
7. Beneath The Underdog
8. Jazz Thing feat. DJ Premier (Vocals by Gang Starr)
9. Harlem Blues (Acapulco version) (Vocals by Cynda Williams

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Terence Blanchard - Malcolm X [Original Score] (1992)

Columbia CK 53190
Country: United States
Format: CD
Release Date: 1992


1 Opening Credits Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:15
2 Young Malcolm Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:16
3 Cops and Robbers :45
4 Earl's Death :38
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
5 Flashback Blanchard, Orchestra 4:19
6 Numbers 1:12
Performed by: John Longo, Jerome Richardson, James Hynes
7 Fire 1:43
8 Back to Boston 1:00
Performed by: Jerome Richardson, Tarus Mateen, Blanchard
9 Malcolm Meets Baines 3:05
10 Black and White 3:56
Performed by: Jackson, Eugene Jr., Orchestra
11 Little Lamb Vision 3:47
12 Malcolm's Letter 1:40
13 Malcolm Meets Elijah 1:55
14 The Old Days 4:00
Performed by: Blanchard, Britt Woodman, Roland Hanna
15 Betty's Theme 1:03
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Bruce Barth, Nedra Wheeler
16 Fruit of Islam 3:51
17 First Minister Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:28
18 Betty's Conflict 3:33
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
19 Malcolm Speaks to Secretaries 1:42
20 Malcolm Confronts Baines 2:16
21 Chickens Come Home 1:03
Performed by: Jim Saporito, Warren Smith, Gordon Gottlieb
22 Going to Mecca 1:51
Performed by: Simon Shaheen, Michael Baklook, Orchestra
23 Firebomb 2:51
Performed by: Orchestra, Branford Marsalis
24 Assassins Orchestra, Blanchard :48
25 Assassination Blair Tindall :46
26 Eulogy Boys Choir Of Harlem 3:51
Composer/conductor Terence Blanchard, better known as one of the Wynton Marsalis-era young jazz traditionalists and an outstanding trumpet player, turns in a score worthy of the scope of Spike Lee's biographical drama. He mixes jazz segments with effective orchestral mood pieces for a series of musical settings in keeping with the heroic sweep of the film.
by William Ruhlmann

Provided by kegorogers

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Various artists - Malcolm X OST (1992)

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Spike Lee - Malcolm X (1992)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bill Lee feat. Branford Marsalis - Do The Right Thing Original Score (1989)

A1 Mookie Goes Home
A2 We Love Roll Call Y-All
A3 Father To Son
A4 Da Mayor Drinks His Beer
A5 Delivery For Love Daddy
A6 Riot
A7 Magic, Eddie, Prince Ain´t Niggers
A8 Mookie (Septet)
A9 How Long ?
B1 Mookie (Orchestra)
B2 Da Mayor Loves Mother Sister
B3 Da Mayor Buys Roses
B4 Tawana
B5 Malcolm And Martin
B6 Wake Up Finale

Orchestra - Natural Spiritual Orchestra, The
Bass - Robert Hurst
Drums - Jeff "Tain" Watts
Piano - James Williams , Kenny Barron
Saxophone [Alto] - Donald Harrison
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Soprano] - Branford Marsalis
Trumpet - Marlon Jordan , Terence Blanchard
Producer, Mixed By, Composed By, Conductor - Bill Lee
Recorded By, Engineer - Patrick Smith
Engineer - James Nichols
Mastered By - Vlado Meller

A Spike Lee Joint
Recorded December 12-16, 1988, Mixed July 17-19, 1989 at RCA Studios, NY.
Bill Lee - Do The Right Thing Original Score
Label: CBS
Catalog#: 465960 1
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Netherlands
Released: 1989

In my own humble opinion this is a veritable who's who of crack New York talent at the time, blowin' it out to create the right atmosphere for this historical piece of cinema. While it's more famous for the HipHop music, perhaps it's unjustly so. Discover this and let Your socks glide across the floor once more! Thank You Bill and Lee.

Provided by Funkback

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Various Artists - Do The Right Thing (1989)

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Spike Lee - Do The Right Thing (1989)

Various Artists - Do The Right Thing (1989)

1 Public Enemy - Fight The Power 5:29
Producer - Carl Ryder , Eric Sadler , Hank Shocklee
2 Teddy Riley Feat. Guy - My Fantasy 4:56
Producer - Gene Griffin , Teddy Riley
3 E.U. - Party Hearty 4:40
Producer - Ju Ju House , Kent Wood
4 Steel Pulse - Can't Stand It 5:03
Producer - David R. Hinds* , Sidney Mills
5 Keith John - Why Don't We Try 3:32
Producer - Raymond Jones
6 Perri - Feel So Good 5:38
Producer - Paul Laurence
7 Take 6 - Don't Shoot Me 4:06
Producer - Mervyn E. Warren*
8 Lori Perry And Gerald Alston - Hard To Say 3:20
Producer - Paul Laurence
9 Perri - Prove To Me 5:22
Producer - Raymond Jones , Sami McKinney
10 Al Jarreau - Never Explain Love 5:56
Producer - Raymond Jones
11 Ruben Blades - Tu Y Yo 5:12
Producer - Ruben Blades

Executive Producer - Spike Lee
The soundtrack for director Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing is a veritable window into the hip-hop/contemporary R&B scene circa 1989. Peppered with "new jack" era slabs of wax from the likes of Public Enemy (the iconic "Fight the Power"), summer party staples from E.U. ("Party Hearty") and Teddy Riley ("My Fantasy"), and deep slow jams from Perri and Al Jarreau, it's the perfect background for a hot night in the city, and like the film itself, it's both frivolous and foreboding. [Motown reissued Do the Right Thing with two remixes of Guy's "My Fantasy."].
by James Christopher Monger

Provided by Funkback

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Bill Lee arr/cond & The Natural Spiritual Orcherstra - Do The Right Thing (1989)

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Spike Lee - Do The Right Thing (1989)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Various Artists - Nothing But A Man OST (1965)


1. "(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave" - Martha & The Vandellas
2. "Fingertips (Pt. II)" - Little Stevie Wonder
3. "That's the Way I Feel" - The Miracles
4. "Come on Home" - Holland & Dozier
5. "This Is When I Need You Most" - Martha & The Vandellas
6. "I'll Try Something New" - The Miracles
7. "Way Over There" - The Marvelettes
8. "Mickey's Monkey" - The Miracles
9. "You Beat Me to the Punch" - Mary Wells
10. "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" (live) - The Miracles
11. "Bye Bye Baby" (live) - Mary Wells
This 1996 CD reissue was a surprise, since the 1965 film to which it was attached is has only a cult following. Much of the music (Martha & the Vandellas' "Heat Wave," Mary Wells' "You Beat Me to the Punch," the Miracles' "Mickey's Monkey") is available elsewhere, although the producers have used the original master tapes as sources for the CD, so the sound is first rate. And there are two jewels here that have not appeared elsewhere on CD: "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" by the Miracles from their 1963 live album, and "Bye Bye Baby" by Mary Wells from her live album of the same era. The recording on the Miracles live cut leaves something to be desired, but listening to Smokey play the crowd, and the rapture of the audience as the group delivers an impassioned rendition of the song (with a brief foray into Sam Cooke's "Bring It on Home to Me"), all imperfections are forgiven; and the group sounds in great form. Mary Wells' performance is one of her best on record, a simmering piece of passionate, romantic soul music that rises magnificently to full boil. So why not put both live albums on one CD? ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

Provided by Isbum over @ The Great Filmscorium

Link to movie review
Michael Roemer - Nothing But A Man (1964)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Taj Mahal - Sounder OST (1972)

1. Needed Time 2:52
2. Sounder Chase A Coon 3:19
3. Needed Time (Hummin' And Pickin') 1:24
4. Morning Work / N' Meat's On The Stove 1:43
5. I'm Running And I'm Happy 0:55
6. Speedball 1:38
7. Goin' To The Country / Critters In the Woods 1:45
8. Motherless Children 1:18
9. Jailhouse Blues 3:53
10. Just Workin' 0:32
11. Harriet's Dance Song 0:31
12. Two Spirits Reunited 1:54
13. David Runs Again 0:27
14. Curiosity Blues 0:59
15. Someday Be A Change 1:02
16. Horseshoes 1:59
17. Cheraw 2:21
18. David's Dream 1:01
19. Needed Time (Guitar) 2:26
20. Needed Time (Banjo And Hand Clapping) 2:22

Total Album Time: 34:21
There is no real review of this anywhere on the net. But it was nominated for a grammy at the time and it features great rootsy blues music. The theme song Needed Time is sung by Lightnin' Hopkins.

Provided by Tony and Isbum over @ I Luv My Turntable.

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Martin Ritt - Sounder (1972)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Various Artist - Coming To America (1988)

01. Nile Rodgers - Coming to America
02. Allan Scott & Freddie Washington - Better Late Than Never
03. Various Artists - All Dressed Up (Ready To Hit The Town)
04. Michael Rodgers & Lloyd Tolbert - I Like It Like That
05. Stock, Aitken & Waterman - That's The Way It Is
06. Marc Gordon, Eddie LeVert, Gerald LeVert - Addicted To You
07. Dr. Dre - Comin' Correct
08. Gardner Cole, Nile Rodgers - Livin' The Good Life
09. Danny Sembello, Allee Willis - Transparent
10. Paul Chiten - Come Into My Life

Various artist mix from the movie "Coming To America". Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Various Artist - Soul In The Hole (1997)

1. Game of Life [Score] - Dead Prez
2. Diesel - Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA, Raekwon, U-God, John Wallace, Wu-Tang Clan 3. Against the Grain - Sauce Money
4. Ride - M.O.P.
5. You Ain't a Killer - Big Punisher
6. Los Angeles Times - Xzibit
7. Main Aim - The Dwellas
8. Rare Species [Modus Operandi] - Mobb Deep
9. High Expectations - Common
10. Child Is Born - Brand Nubian
11. Won on Won - Cocoa Brovaz
12. Soul in the Hole - Dreddy Kruger, Killa Sin, Shyheim, Timbo King, Wu All Stars
13. Visions of Blur - Darc Mind
14. Late Night Action - Boku Rule, Cairo, Organized Konfusion
15. Your Life - O.C., U Nasty

Classic! A well put together soundtrack from some of the most prestigious pioneers of hip-hop. Every song flows perfectly and the lyrics are grade "A" quality. For my true hip-hoppers this a must have.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Various Artist - Malcolm X (1992)

1. Revolution by Arrested Development
2. Roll 'em Pete by Joe Turner
3. Flying Home by Lionel Hampton
4. My Prayer by The Ink Spots
5. Big Stuff by Billie Holiday
6. Don't Cry Baby by Erskine Hawkins
7. Beans And Cornbread by Louis Jordan
8. Azure by Ella Fitzgerald
9. Alabama by John Coltrane
10. That Lucky Old Sun Just Rolls Aound Heaven by Ray Charles
11. Arabesque Cookie by Duke Ellington
12. Shotgun by Jr Walker And The All-Stars
13. Someday We'll All Be Free by Aretha Franklin

Thanks to Hip-Hop Is Read

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Terence Blanchard - Malcolm X [Original Score] (1992)

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ovie review
Spike Lee - Malcolm X (1992)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Various Artists - Panther OST (1995)

1 Various Freedom (Theme From Panther) (The Black Bag Mix) (4:47)
Arranged By [Vocals] - Angie Stone
Bass - Me'Shell NdegéOcello
Performer - Aaliyah , Billy Lawrence , Blackgirl , Brenda Russell , Cindy Mizelle , Crystal Waters , Emage , En Vogue , Female , Jade , MC Lyte , Mary J. Blige , N'Dea Davenport , Nefertiti , Patra , Queen Latifah , SWV , Salt 'N' Pepa , TLC , Yo-Yo , Zhané
Producer - Dallas Austin , Diamond D
2 Joe Express Yourself (3:49)
Producer - James Mtume
Written-By - Charles Wright
3 Blackstreet We'll Meet Again (4:43)
4 Funkadelic Black People (4:12)
Vocals [Featuring] - Belita Woods , George Clinton
5 Monica And Usher Let's Straighten It Out (4:06)
6 Various The Points (4:55)
Performer - Big Mike , Biggie Smalls , Bone Thugs-N-Harmony , Buckshot , Busta Rhymes , Coolio , Heltah Skeltah , Ill Al Skratch , Jamal , Knowledge , Menace Clan , Redman
Producer - Easy Mo Bee
7 Bobby Brown Slick Partner (2:47)
Producer - Jermaine Dupri
8 Aaron Hall Stand (You Got To) (4:36)
Arranged By [Vocals] - Angie Stone
9 Da Lench Mob The World Is A Ghetto (4:33)
Producer - QD III
Saxophone, Harmonica - Jimmy Z
10 Shanice If I Were Your Woman (4:49)
11 Sounds Of Blackness We Shall Not Be Moved (3:48)
Keyboards - Bernie Worrell
Rap [Featuring] - Black Sheep
12 Female (5) Natural Woman (4:52)
Producer, Performer, Mixed By - Darren "Venus Brown" Floyd*
13 Various Freedom (Theme From Panther) (Dallas' Dirty Dozen Mix) (4:52)
Arranged By [Vocals] - Angie Stone
Bass - Me'Shell NdegéOcello
Performer - MC Lyte , Me'Shell NdegéOcello , Nefertiti , Patra , Queen Latifah , Salt 'N' Pepa , TLC , Yo-Yo
Producer - Dallas Austin , Diamond D
14 Hodge Head Nod (3:34)
15 Tony! Toni! Toné! Stand (4:28)
Written-By - Sylvester Stewart
16 Last Poets, The Don't Give Me No Broccoli And Tell Me It's Greens (What Happened To Our Rythm) (6:18)
Percussion - Don Babatunde
Producer - James Mtume
17 Brian McKnight And Boys Choir Of Harlem, The Star Spangled Banner (3:12)
Guitar - Slash
18 Stanley Clarke The Ultimate Sacrifice (3:15)

AMG.comSoundtrack recordings were once products of one composer, one producer, and songs closely woven to the movie's theme. Now soundtracks are compilations of many different artists, producers, and writers; the songs may or may not be movie-related. The Panther soundtrack has 18 songs, almost as many producers, and enough artists to start a riot. The producers alone read like a who's who of late-'90s R&B, some notable ones include: Brian McKnight, Dallas Austin, Tony! Toni! Tone!, James Mtume, and Teddy Riley. Lots of remakes comprise Panther, and all are excellent. Monica and Usher's version of "Let's Straighten It Out" provides the same chills as Latimore's original version; ditto for Female's in-your-face rendition of "Natural Woman." Female duets with Shanice on Gladys Knight & the Pips' classic "If I Were Your Woman" and gives it a pleasing update. Brian McKnight sings a rousing version of the "Star Spangled Banner" with the Boys Choir of Harlem. So much to choose from; there's something here for everybody. Artists of prominence include Bobby Brown, the Last Poets, George Clinton, the Sound of Blackness, Aaron Hall TLC, and others. You get your money's worth and change with this one.
Review by Andrew Hamilton

Link to movie review:Mario/Melvin Van Peebles - Panther (1995)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Various Artist - When We Were Kings (1997)

1. Rumble in the Jungle - Fugees feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, John Forte 2. Drew 'Bundini' Brown [Live]
3. Ain't No Sunshine/You [Live] [Medley] - Bill Withers
4. Sweet Sixteen [Live]- B.B. King
5. African Girls Chant
6. When I Get to Africa [Live] - Muhammad Ali
7. The Payback [Live] - James Brown
8. Mobutu Chant [Live]
9. I'll Be Around [Live] - Spinners
10. Put It Where You Want It [Live] - Jazz Crusaders
11. Wait Till I Kick Foreman's Behind [Live] - Muhammad Ali
12. I Got Some Help I Don't Need [Live] - B.B. King
13. Gonna Have A Funky Good Time [Live] - James Brown
14. Mr. Tooth Decay [Live] - Muhammad Ali
15. I'm Coming Home [Live] - Spinners
16. When We Were Kings - Brian McKnight & King
17. Drew 'Bundini' Brown [Live]
18. I'm Calling (Say It Loud) - Zelma Davis
19. You Out Sucker [Live] - Muhammad Ali
20. Chant [Live]

Anonymous Review @
The songs on here by BB King, the Spinners, and James Brown are some great pieces of work. They're so alive and so full of energy and truly great live pieces of work. Given all of that, the "Rumble In The Jungle" song by the Fugees and the rest is a great new addition to this wonderful collection of more classic R&B. Heck this CD is almost worth the price purely for the quotes by Ali that go on throughout the piece. Ali was a great fighter but his mastery of the English language and his wit still amaze me at times. Moreover this CD is a wonderful representation of the documentary (which I feel is a must see by the way) and I can see visions of it dancing through my head.

Contributed by thecorrector

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wiz - Various Artists produced by Quincy Jones (1978)

1 Main Title from "The Wiz" (Overture, Pt. 1) 2:34
2 Overture, Pt. 2 2:03
3 The Feeling That We Have 3:30
4 Can I Go On 1:56
5 Glinda's Theme 1:09
6 Listen Now! He's the Wizard 2:52
7 Soon as I Get Home/Home 4:01
8 You Can't Win 3:14
9 Ease on Down the Road #1 3:19
10 What Would I Do If I Could Feel? 2:18
11 Slide Some Oil to Me 2:19
12 Ease on Down the Road #2 1:30
13 I'm a Mean Ole Lion 2:23
14 Ease on Down the Road #3 1:24
15 Poppy Girls 3:27
16 Be a Lion 4:04
17 End of the Yellow Brick Road 1:01
18 Emerald City Sequence 6:41
19 So You Wanted to See the Wizard 2:48
20 Is This What Feeling Gets? (Dorothy's Theme) 3:13
21 Don't Noboby Bring Me No Bad News 3:01
22 A Brand New Day 7:51
23 Believe in Yourself (Dorothy) 2:54
24 The Good Witch Glinda 1:10
25 Believe in Yourself (Reprise) 2:13
26 Home 3:27

Director Sidney Lumet's big budget film version of The Wiz, an updated
musical treatment of The Wizard of Oz with songs by Charlie Smalls, is
not remembered as one of the great movie musicals. But you wouldn't
know that from this elaborate double-LP soundtrack album, on which
Smalls's Broadway score is augmented by music written by producer
Quincy Jones, Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, and Luther Vandross.
Jones organized a studio band of New York jazz veterans, including
Toots Thielemans, Eric Gale, Michael Brecker, and Richard Tee, and of
course the cast provides spectacular vocal firepower in the persons of
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. The result was a Top 40, gold-selling
album paced by a Top 40 single of "Ease on Down the Road" by Ross and
Jackson (outperforming the 1975 version by Consumer Rapport), as well
as the chart single "You Can't Win," by Jackson. Much comparison has
been made between the vocal (not to mention the facial) resemblance
between Ross and Jackson; here's the only place to hear them together.
by William Ruhlmann

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Various Artists - (Berry Gordy's) The Last Dragon (1985)

1 The Last Dragon Dwight David 7:26
2 7th Heaven Vanity 3:51
3 Star Alfie 4:42
4 Fire Charlene 3:58
5 The Glow Willie Hutch 5:07
6 Rhythm of the Night DeBarge 3:50
7 Upset Stomach Stevie Wonder 6:23
8 First Time on a Ferris Wheel " [Love Theme from Berry Gordy's "The ...] Smokey
Robinson, Syreeta 4:18
9 Peeping Tom Rockwell 4:33
10 Inside You Willie Hutch, Temptations 7:17
East met West for 1985's action-packed The Last Dragon (or Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon, depending on how you want to look at it), a vehicle for Gordy's Motown label that employed Vanity in a lead role as popular veejay Laura Charles, the object of affection for Taimak's talented martial arts hero character Leroy (or "Bruce Leroy," as he was respectfully referred to). By no means is the movie a classic, and neither is the Motown-heavy soundtrack. You'd be missing the point if you thought of them in those terms. The movie was marketed at kids, and it provides good-natured fun and action. And as far as the soundtrack is considered, it was, after all, released in 1985 -- hardly the best year for chart-aimed R&B. More than anything, the soundtrack is known for having delivered DeBarge's "Rhythm of the Night," the feel-good, Carribbean-inflected, Diane Warren-penned summer hit. Motown vets Willie Hutch, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, and Smokey Robinson (with Syreeta) each provide songs, none of which are entirely notable when compared to the remainder of their discographies. Relative new kid on the block Rockwell punches in with "Peeping Tom" (Were all of his songs about voyeurism, or what?), and Vanity's rockin' "7th Heaven" continues her fixations on the number seven and sexual innuendos "hidden" deep inside metaphors. One minor gripe with the 2001 reissue (released in conjunction with the DVD) is that Motown blew it by not emptying the vaults to include Angela's composition, the charming and willfully irritating post-Cyndi Lauper/pre-Jill Sobule chestnut that her boyfriend/supreme creepo Eddie Arkadian was so hell-bent on having Laura Charles play on her program. But if you really have a problem with that, Sho'nuff has a pair of Converse you can plant your lips upon.
by Andy Kellman