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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bobby Womack and J.J. Johnson - Across 110th Street (Delux Edition) (1972)

1. Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
2. [Dialogue] We Throught We Are OK
3. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Harlem Clavinette
4. Bobby Womack & Peace - If You Don't Want My Love
5. [Dialogue] Punk Errand Boy
6. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Hang On In There
7. [Dialogue] The Man
8. Bobby Womack & Peace - Quicksand
9. [Dialogue] 150 Rounds
10. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Harlem Love Theme
11. [Dialogue] Sick & Tired
12. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - Across 110th Street (Instrumental)
13. [Dialogue] Take The Money
14. Bobby Womack & Peace - Do It Right
15. Bobby Womack & Peace - Hang On in There
16. J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra - If You Don't Want My Love
17. [Dialogue] This Is The Police
18. Bobby Womack & Peace - Across 110th Street (Part II)

I cam across his today and realized that this version has 7 more tracks than the one I posted on the blog a while ago. It includes dialogue from the movie and a few extra song perform by Bobby Womack. Enjoy!