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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Alley Cats (1973)


  • Sunshine
  • Sandy Dempsey
  • Charlene Miles
  • Johnnie Rhodes
  • Eve Crawford
  • Norman Fields
No matter how you look at it, Black Alley Cats is junk. Even for this type of film; this is still below par in the quality department and not everything can be blamed on the low budget. The film is extremely obscure (apparently only seeing the light of the day in the form of a Something Weird VHS some years ago) and that's hardly surprising. The plot begins with a rape and leads into a group of girls taking kung fu lessons and buying some 'mean' jackets, and then going round robbing people as some sort of revenge tirade. The low budget gives way to a very unpolished look which helps the film in the sleaze department. There's plenty of sleazy goings on too and most of the film is made up of either the girls pushing people around or, more frequently, some rather rough sex scenes. This is what really sinks the film; it's all too samey and doesn't have enough about it to keeps itself interesting for the whole eighty minute duration. The acting is stunningly atrocious too; not that I would expect anything else, but the performances are so humdrum that it makes the film even more difficult to get into. Fans of this genre may want to track this film down and may even appreciate it but there are far better examples of films like this out there and that is reason enough to leave this one in obscurity.