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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Terence Blanchard - Malcolm X [Original Score] (1992)

Columbia CK 53190
Country: United States
Format: CD
Release Date: 1992


1 Opening Credits Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:15
2 Young Malcolm Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:16
3 Cops and Robbers :45
4 Earl's Death :38
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
5 Flashback Blanchard, Orchestra 4:19
6 Numbers 1:12
Performed by: John Longo, Jerome Richardson, James Hynes
7 Fire 1:43
8 Back to Boston 1:00
Performed by: Jerome Richardson, Tarus Mateen, Blanchard
9 Malcolm Meets Baines 3:05
10 Black and White 3:56
Performed by: Jackson, Eugene Jr., Orchestra
11 Little Lamb Vision 3:47
12 Malcolm's Letter 1:40
13 Malcolm Meets Elijah 1:55
14 The Old Days 4:00
Performed by: Blanchard, Britt Woodman, Roland Hanna
15 Betty's Theme 1:03
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Bruce Barth, Nedra Wheeler
16 Fruit of Islam 3:51
17 First Minister Boys Choir Of Harlem 2:28
18 Betty's Conflict 3:33
Performed by: Branford Marsalis, Orchestra
19 Malcolm Speaks to Secretaries 1:42
20 Malcolm Confronts Baines 2:16
21 Chickens Come Home 1:03
Performed by: Jim Saporito, Warren Smith, Gordon Gottlieb
22 Going to Mecca 1:51
Performed by: Simon Shaheen, Michael Baklook, Orchestra
23 Firebomb 2:51
Performed by: Orchestra, Branford Marsalis
24 Assassins Orchestra, Blanchard :48
25 Assassination Blair Tindall :46
26 Eulogy Boys Choir Of Harlem 3:51
Composer/conductor Terence Blanchard, better known as one of the Wynton Marsalis-era young jazz traditionalists and an outstanding trumpet player, turns in a score worthy of the scope of Spike Lee's biographical drama. He mixes jazz segments with effective orchestral mood pieces for a series of musical settings in keeping with the heroic sweep of the film.
by William Ruhlmann

Provided by kegorogers

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Hi! First of all: thank you so much for all the work you've put in on this site - it's an invaluable resource and a constant source of entertainment and education! Thanks for keeping these genres alive. Secondly - my Malcolm X score download won't unpack properly: do I need a password?