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Monday, February 15, 2010

Taj Mahal - Sounder OST (1972)

1. Needed Time 2:52
2. Sounder Chase A Coon 3:19
3. Needed Time (Hummin' And Pickin') 1:24
4. Morning Work / N' Meat's On The Stove 1:43
5. I'm Running And I'm Happy 0:55
6. Speedball 1:38
7. Goin' To The Country / Critters In the Woods 1:45
8. Motherless Children 1:18
9. Jailhouse Blues 3:53
10. Just Workin' 0:32
11. Harriet's Dance Song 0:31
12. Two Spirits Reunited 1:54
13. David Runs Again 0:27
14. Curiosity Blues 0:59
15. Someday Be A Change 1:02
16. Horseshoes 1:59
17. Cheraw 2:21
18. David's Dream 1:01
19. Needed Time (Guitar) 2:26
20. Needed Time (Banjo And Hand Clapping) 2:22

Total Album Time: 34:21
There is no real review of this anywhere on the net. But it was nominated for a grammy at the time and it features great rootsy blues music. The theme song Needed Time is sung by Lightnin' Hopkins.

Provided by Tony and Isbum over @ I Luv My Turntable.

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