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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shaft TV-series Episode 4 The Kidnapping (1973)

Eddie Barth
Richard Roundtree
Paul Burke
Karen Carlson
Nicolas Beauvy
Greg Mullavey
Timothy Scott
Victor Brandt
Frank Marth
Jayne Kennedy
Season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 12/11/1973
The Kidnapping

Shaft is pursued by the police when acts as a go-between for a banker and the people demanding ransom for his wife.
Three white men disguised as blacks break into the home of banker Elliot Williamson and kidnap his wife, Nancy. Before leaving, they warn him against calling the police and tell him to get in touch with private detective John Shaft. Shaft, who has no knowledge of the kidnapping, arrives at Williamson's house just before they receive a phone call with ransom instructions. Williamson and Shaft are to go to Williamson's bank at 10am, fill a briefcase with $250,000 in cash, and then Shaft is to take it to a nearby town and wait at a phone booth for additional instructions. A deputy Sheriff becomes suspicious when he sees Shaft driving the banker's luxurious car and sirens him to stop. Shaft is forced to overpower the deputy and flee on foot. Meanwhile an all points bulletin is put out for his arrest. Shaft reaches a farmhouse where he convinces a boy, Matthew Potter, that he is not a criminal, and persuades the boy to drive him to the crucial phone booth. They arrive too late, however, but Shaft manages to make contact with the kidnappers from his hiding place in a schoolhouse. Lt Al Rossi learns of Shaft's troubles and arrives in time to help the local sheriff come to the aid of Shaft, who is in a deadly showdown with the kidnappers.

Funkbacks comment
This episode is notable for liberally using stock footage from Shaft's Big Score during the opening credits, particularily the exploding helicopter scene. So some of the credit should go to Gordon Parks for that, although he's uncredited in the Imdb and in

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Johnny Pate - Shaft TV-Series The Kidnapping (1973)