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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Richard Pryor Show [1977] + Extras

Richard Pryor
Allegra Allison
Jeff Corey
Robin Williams
Sandra Bernhard
Vic Dunlop
Edie McClurg
Tim Reid
John Witherspoon
Marlene Clark
Argus Hamilton
Jimmy Martinez
Paul Mooney
Controversy and censorship forced Richard Pryor's variety show to be canceled after four

Special. Season 1 – Aired: 5/5/1977
The Richard Pryor Special?

'The Galley' sketch, featuring John Belushi - 'The Reverend James L. White' sketch - 'The Pips Without Gladys Knight' sketch - 'Booster Johnson' sketch - 'Rebuttal' sketch, with Pryor as Idi Amin - 'Harlem Sweeties' presentation - Pryor plays off himself in 'Shoe Shine' sketch - 'Willie The Drunk' sketch, featuring a soliloquy by Maya Angelou - Children sing 'This World Was Made For All Men' - 'Richard Meets With His Writers' sketch - Richard closes with a rendition of 'There's No Business Like Show Business'.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Aired: 9/13/1977
Episode 1

'Star Wars Bar' sketch, with Pryor as bartender - 'Western' sketch, with Pryor as a poncho-clad, stogie-smoking 'Man With No Name'-type gunslinger - Musical guests, The O'Jays, perform 'Work On Me' - 'Presidential Press Conference' sketch, with Pryor as the first Black President - 'Mojo healer' sketch, with Richard as the mojo - 'Club Harlem' sketch, featuring a song and dance number by Paula Kelly.

Season 1, Episode 2 – Aired: 9/20/1977
Episode 2

'Samurai' sketch, with Pryor as a Samurai Warrior defending a young Geisha - 'Trial' sketch, with Pryor as a white Prosecutor, out to convict a young Black man, accused of attacking a white woman, in 1920s Mississippi. - 'Egypt 1909' sketch, with Richard as part of a team of Archaeologists who discover 'The Fountain Of Knowledge' - 'Mr. Come-From Man' sketch, with Pryor as a traditional African, out to make a buck. - 'Heavy Metal' sketch, with Richard as the lead singer/guitarist of a shock band called 'Black Death'.

Season 1, Episode 3 – Aired: 9/27/1977
Episode 3

Richard begins with a very angry speech, which is interrupted by some 'audio difficulties'. - 'Restaurant' sketch, with Pryor and an attractive lady making eyes at one another, in a classy restaurant. - Richard does a brief stand-up act. - 'Caveman' sketch, with Pryor as a prehistoric man who discovers fire. - 'Mr. Fixit' sketch, with Richard as a bumbling repairman - 'The Junkyard Circus', with Pryor as a raggedy Ringmaster. - Richard introduces all of his supporting players, then closes the show with several improvised sketches, involving the various performers.

Season 1, Episode 4 – Aired: 10/20/1977
Episode 4

'Shower' sketch, with Pryor and Allegra Allison parodying Hitchcock's 'Psycho' - 'Jekyll and Hyde' sketch, with Richard and Jimmy Martinez - 'Roast' sequence, with several members of the supporting cast, throwing verbal punches at their employer - 'Titanic' sketch, with Pryor rescuing several bigoted passengers of the doomed liner - 'Rebuttal' sketch, with Richard as a disgruntled Santa Claus - Pryor closes with a sincere 'Thank You' to his fans and cast.

Extras include:
The Mudbone Monologue
The Richard Pryor Roast
The Richard Pryor Special

Provided by TVVault Team member dijedil thru Funkback