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Friday, February 12, 2010

Quincy Jones - The Split OST (1968)

1. Main Title (03:03) (Sung by Billy Preston)
2. It’s Just A Game, Love (04:33) (Sung by Arthur Prysock)
3. Funny Money/What The Hell (04:38)
4. Kifka Car Caper (03:02)
5. A Good Woman’s Love (02:44) (Sung by Sheb Wooley)
6. Pussy Safe Negli/Half A Million Dollars/It’s Just A Game, Love (05:47) (Sung by Clydie King and Billy Preston)
7. Kifka, My Driver (01:43)
8. Night Headlights (02:25)
9. Hot Meter (03:50)
10. Eleven O’Clock Time/Q.J. March/Frantic Fans/Let’s Go (11:19)
11. Clinger’s Waiting (00:58)
12. Celebration (01:31) (Sung by John Wesley)
13. Two People, Two Rents (01:06)
14. Drawer Fulla Money (01:12)
15. Fine Dead Lady (03:10)
16. Pull The String/Drag Him Over, Escape (05:47)
17. Shook Up Fuzz/Mac Let’s Talk (06:11)
18. It’s Over/Airport/End Title Card (03:23)

Bonus Tracks:
19. Main Title (alternate) (02:18) (Sung by Arthur Prysock)
20. End Title (alternate) (00:52) (Sung by Arthur Prysock)
Film Score Monthly, Intrada, Varese Sarabande, La-la Land Records and a host of other specialty labels - what would soundtrack lovers do without them? This time around, FSM does the honors by releasing Quincy Jones' The Split, a heist movie. Jones was a bona fide genius in his early years. His jazz albums were one of a kind, bringing new grooves to that genre. And when he moved to film, Jones took his jazz background with him and energized film scoring with a funky sound. Q's style.

The Split has several songs in it. Let's get them out of the way first. This is one of those rare times that I did appreciate the songs and the score together. They suited each other. They are sung very well by the likes of Billy Preston and John Wesley. There is even a country song written by ... Jones. All the songs are pleasant and soulful.

The score is urban in nature. Using jazz and funk for his score, Jones composes a superior, kick-ass score. It changes gears every now and then - from tense to lively - so seamlessly that you hardly notice the change until it is way into the track. Kifka Car Caper is a funky track that has nice bass lines and guitar riffs. Speaking of bass, the bass riffs are fantastic, a voice of their own.

The dark and tense tracks are edgy, with some cool brass to heighten the tension. The brass also delivers on the action, brassy and funky, nice sax playing and that bass again.

The sound is remarkable. On my sound system, the bass just booms out of the speakers, and the music is crisp and clear. FSM has done a superb job bringing this score to us, and, this being their first Quincy Jones, I hope more are in the works. Jones' early works are rare - the LPs are long gone except in some collector's home, and the CDs are just as rare or expensive.

Anyway, The Split is a joy to the ears and a must have. Highly Recommended.

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