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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kiss My Baadasssss - Ice-T's Guide To Blaxploitation (UKTV - 1994)
Ice-T, rapper and actor, looks at the film genre of blaxploitation and black culture. The half-hour programme features Iceberg Slim, Richard Roundtree, Isaac Hayes and Melvin Van Peebles. I recorded it back in 1994, when it was shown as part of the Without Walls TV series and ripped it exclusively for Cinemageddon.

Funkbacks comment
Well, I couldn't resist sharing this w. the rest of the blaxpride comunity as this might very well be one of the most earnest docus on the subject out there. If You doubt me check Ice T's own Soul On Ice from POWER (1988), which also includes the cover of Curtis Mayfield's Pusherman in I'm Your Pusher. Ice-T was The Mack back then! He also masterminded a compilation a few years earlier that plays like a soundtrack to this. It's brief but has a few rarely heard cuts on there, thanx to Musicdawn we all can enjoy this like it's supposed to be now.

Provided by Cinemageddon user toecutter thru Funkback

Link to soundtrack review
Various artists - Pimps, players & private eyes (1991)


Melvin X said...

Hey guys !
Sorry for my english...

Thanks for your god blax site !
I wrote some words on my french blog about this Ice T's TV show.
You can watch the video of Ice T's Guide of Blaxploitation here :

Congratulations again for your site !

Rikky Mang said...

Where is the link? Any clues?

Funkback said...

Sorry! My bad, must've missed the update button or somethin'. It's where it's usually located at the beginning of the review as of now.

Mr. Wone said...

Tight post!!

d2o said...

Hugely grateful for this post!! There's a lot of info packed into this file and it's definitely 'archive' material. Thank you, BP!!!!

Anonymous said...

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