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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Maurie [a.k.a. Big Mo'] (1973)


When an African-American basketball star, Maurice Stokes (Bernie Casey, Hit Man and Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde) suffers sudden paralysis, his white friend,  Jack Twyman (Bo Svenson) and teammate assists in his rehabilitation. Janet MacLachlan (Uptight and Sounder) also stars. Based on the true story of Maurice Stokes.

This film straddles the line of Blaxploitation vs. Black Cinema. Interpretation or how one defines is subjective to the individual, but the social context is interesting.

"There’s a massive subtext going on here about white guilt. They are certain to clarify several times that Twyman, “Wasn’t all that good of friends with Maurie.” Of course, they never delve any further into it, and I’m probably just making it up in my head because I’m bitter and can’t understand doing something for anyone.

-The Beta Max Rundown 

I can see how the author of the article would come to that conclusion, however, one could also see it from the "doing a good deed" standpoint, that Twyman was just helping. Of course, a film being made in the 70s that was practically know for exploitative purposes, it wouldn't be difficult to see how one could associated this film as Blaxploitation.