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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Michael Stokes Featuring Enchantment - Deliver Us From Evil (Original Soundtrack, 1975)

Deliver Us From Evil is a fairly good Blaxplotiation movie, but like many of those films, an official soundtrack was never released (to our knowledge). The film was scored by legendary music producer, Michael Stokes along with Jimmy Roach and Paul Riser. Vocals from the soundtrack was performed by The Enchantment. The soundtrack features several cuts that are really groovy, especially the title theme. The film is filled real life type drama, so the score does well in capturing those moments in the movie. It's possible that there may be some rare 45s that contain a couple of the tracks somewhere in the world. It's wouldn't surprise me if the title theme was to appear out of nowhere. Enjoy this BP exclusive soundtrack!

01. Deliver Us From Evil [Theme, Instrumental]
02. Deliver Us From Evil [Theme, Vocals by The Enchantments]
03. Dialog
04. Mindy's Theme
05. Car Ride
06. The Playground
07. Dialog
08. Chris' New Apartment
09. Road Rage
10. The Playground (Part II)
11. Mindy's Theme (Part II)
12. Chris Meets Lil' Joe
13. Campus Paper (Dialog)
14. Chris Meets Michelle
15. Dialog
16. Mindy's Lament
17. Deliver Us From Evil (Theme, Part II)
18. Deliver Us From Evil (Theme, Part III)
19. Mindy's Lament (Part II)
20. I'm Uptight (Dialog)
21. Not My Richie!
22. Interlude
23. They Killed His Mother and Sister
24. What Will We Do Now