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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dr. Cecil Graham [Featuring The Brand New Review] - The Guy From Harlem (Original Soundtrack, 1977)

The Guy From Harlem (1977) was scored by Dr. Cecil Graham while the vocals was sung by the group The Brand New Review. There is little to no information available about the musical artist. The soundtrack for the film is somewhat poorly recorded. I guess this is not surprising because if you have seem the film, then the soundtrack makes sense. For the most part, the soundtrack is repetitive. The theme song is played several times throughout the film in different variations. Sometimes with vocals, sometimes without vocals. There are a few tracks that are pretty funky or soulful, so this soundtrack does have its moments. Many of the other tracks are drained out with dialog from the movie, but my guess is that is the best we are going to get because I highly doubt there will be an official soundtrack release for this film.

01. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
02. The Guy From Harlem (Interlude)
03. That's No Woman
04. Nobody Fools With The Guy From Harlem
05. Interlude
06. Playboy Harlem Detective
07. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
08. Interlude
09. Let's Get Out of Here
10. Hiding Out
11. Interlude
12. Slow Dance
13. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
14. Fight Scene