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Friday, November 25, 2016

Ed Cobb Featuring Sheldon Lee - The Bad Bunch (1973, OST)

The Bad Bunch [a.k.a. Tom] (1973) is pretty much a five-fist blaxploitation film, not because it was a decent film, but because it embodies all the elements you would look for in a Blaxploitation movie. The soundtracks, which was never officially released was credited to Ed Cobb with some of the vocals done by Sheldon Lee. The soundtrack is fairly groovy with a solid mix of soul, blues, and even some psychedelic funk. Dialect is pretty much throughout the entire soundtrack. It's possible that some of these tracks may had an official release on a 45 or something, so if anyone comes across a familiar track and has the official release, please let us know.

01. N*****r Lover [Theme] (Performed by Sheldon Lee)
02. Interlude
03. Interlude (theme)
04. Honkey Chase
05. Dialog
06. Cops Theme #1
07. Strip Club
08 Makimba Chase
08. Cops Theme #2
09. Interlude (theme)
11. Tina's Apartment #1
12. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #1
13. Tina's Apartment #2
14. Brother's Blues
15. Willie the Pimp
16. Interlude (theme)
17. Love Sure Does Look Good On You
18. Makimba's Irony
19. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #2
20. Hippie Party (I)
21. Hippie Party (II)
22. Hippie Party (III)
23. I Wish For Love
24. 19. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #3
25. Makimba's Vengeance
26. Cops Theme #3
27. Cop Killer
28. A Day For Marriage
29. N*****r Lover [Theme Instrumental]

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sam Waymon - Ganja & Hess (Soundtrack, 1973)

This fan made soundtrack is gifted to us by a friend of the website. It is very well put together and worth the listen. Here are the notes from the original uploader (djsmokingjam).

Ganja & Hess is a film that once you see it, whether you like it or not, sinks its claws into you and doesn't let go, its images haunting you for a long time afterward.  But even more haunting is the music from the film - Sam Waymon (younger brother of Nina Simone) creating an innovative, ahead-of-its-time mixture of soul, tribal chants, gospel and trippy, dissonant experimental cues that makes for the strangest score for a vampire film outside of Donald Rubenstein's jazzy accompaniment to Martin.  Waymon also appears in the film as a preacher who moonlights as a driver for Duane Jones' infected Dr Hess Green.

Naturally, due to the film's obscurity, there was no chance of a soundtrack album being released - but as a fan of the film, I really wanted to be able to listen to the music on my iPod.  So, I decided to make my own soundtrack, and share it with you all here, in case there's anyone here who loves this film as much as I do (and I'm sure there is!).  Be warned of a couple of things though:

a) As you might expect from this sort of thing, sound effects and dialogue recur throughout.  I think it works quite well, however; Gunn and Waymon obviously put a lot of attention into the soundscape of the film, and it shows.

b) Obviously, I was limited not only by my own inexperience when it comes to audio, but the crumminess of the source materials.  Although I took the audio straight from the DVD (and did nothing more but raise the volume slightly via Goldwave), that DVD is itself taken from a few different old 35mm prints, since the negative was destroyed in the creation of the Blood Couple re-edit.  In addition, some audio was sourced from the DIVX rip of Blood Couple available onsite - contrary to popular belief, the re-edit did not completely dispense with Waymon's score.

c) Track titles, as usual for this sort of thing, are mixed between those made up by me, and the proper names lagely gleaned via the excellent essay by Tim Lucas and David Walker included in the DVD-ROM folder of the 2006 DVD.

01. Intro
02. The Blood Of The Thing (Intro)
03. The Blood Of The Thing
04. Bungelii Work Song
05. Hess Is Stabbed
06. March Blues
07. You've Got To Learn To Let It Go (Instrumental)
08. Bungelii Work Song #2
09. Ganja & Hess Make Love
10. You've Got To Learn To Let It Go (Wedding)
11. A Strange Dream - You've Got To Learn To Let It Go
12. The Seduction
13. You've Got To Learn To Let It Go (w- Evangel Revivaltime Church)
14. Just As I Am (w- Evangel Revivaltime Church)
15. The Blood Of The Thing (Reprise)
16. Resurrection
17. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
18. You've Got To Learn To Let It Go (Studio Version)
19. Bonus Track - Theme From Blood Couple

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dr. Cecil Graham [Featuring The Brand New Review] - The Guy From Harlem (Original Soundtrack, 1977)

The Guy From Harlem (1977) was scored by Dr. Cecil Graham while the vocals was sung by the group The Brand New Review. There is little to no information available about the musical artist. The soundtrack for the film is somewhat poorly recorded. I guess this is not surprising because if you have seem the film, then the soundtrack makes sense. For the most part, the soundtrack is repetitive. The theme song is played several times throughout the film in different variations. Sometimes with vocals, sometimes without vocals. There are a few tracks that are pretty funky or soulful, so this soundtrack does have its moments. Many of the other tracks are drained out with dialog from the movie, but my guess is that is the best we are going to get because I highly doubt there will be an official soundtrack release for this film.

01. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
02. The Guy From Harlem (Interlude)
03. That's No Woman
04. Nobody Fools With The Guy From Harlem
05. Interlude
06. Playboy Harlem Detective
07. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
08. Interlude
09. Let's Get Out of Here
10. Hiding Out
11. Interlude
12. Slow Dance
13. The Guy From Harlem (Theme)
14. Fight Scene

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Michael Stokes Featuring Enchantment - Deliver Us From Evil (Original Soundtrack, 1975)

Deliver Us From Evil is a fairly good Blaxplotiation movie, but like many of those films, an official soundtrack was never released (to our knowledge). The film was scored by legendary music producer, Michael Stokes along with Jimmy Roach and Paul Riser. Vocals from the soundtrack was performed by The Enchantment. The soundtrack features several cuts that are really groovy, especially the title theme. The film is filled real life type drama, so the score does well in capturing those moments in the movie. It's possible that there may be some rare 45s that contain a couple of the tracks somewhere in the world. It's wouldn't surprise me if the title theme was to appear out of nowhere. Enjoy this BP exclusive soundtrack!

01. Deliver Us From Evil [Theme, Instrumental]
02. Deliver Us From Evil [Theme, Vocals by The Enchantments]
03. Dialog
04. Mindy's Theme
05. Car Ride
06. The Playground
07. Dialog
08. Chris' New Apartment
09. Road Rage
10. The Playground (Part II)
11. Mindy's Theme (Part II)
12. Chris Meets Lil' Joe
13. Campus Paper (Dialog)
14. Chris Meets Michelle
15. Dialog
16. Mindy's Lament
17. Deliver Us From Evil (Theme, Part II)
18. Deliver Us From Evil (Theme, Part III)
19. Mindy's Lament (Part II)
20. I'm Uptight (Dialog)
21. Not My Richie!
22. Interlude
23. They Killed His Mother and Sister
24. What Will We Do Now

Thursday, February 11, 2016

J.J. Johnson - Top of the Heap (1972)

J.J. Johnson has delivered his share of Blaxploitation of music during the era, but the "Top of the Heap" soundtrack is definitely one of his best performances. "Top of the Heap" never had an official soundtrack, so we at Blax Pride have delivered yet another gem of music for the people. Code Red DVD has released a beautifully remastered version of the film in which much of the sound quality was improved. This film has a good amount of stage screen sounds with a couple of funk nuggets to get your feet going. "Top of the Heap" was released the same year as "Across 110th Street", so J.J. Johnson was a busy guy. In fact, you can hear very similar styles of his producing in each film. Even the "Parade" track on "Top of the Heap" soundtrack very similar to the one on the "Willie Dynamite" soundtrack. Enjoy the soundtrack and head over to Code Red DVD and grab this film. It's very worth it!

01. Main Title Theme
02. Valerie's Growing
03. Sorry For What!
04. Fried Chicken and Blow
05. Nigga Cop
06. Patrolling Through D.C. (Part I)
07. Open the Goddamn Door (Vocals by Paula Kelly)
08. George's Lament
09. I Dream of Black Chick
10. Patrolling Through D.C. (Part II)
11. Valerie's Interlude
12. Patrolling Through D.C. [The Stakeout] (Part III)
13. Nurse Swenson
14. Trippin' With Black Chick
15. I Walked on the Moon
16. George's Dreams
17. Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man (Vocals by Paula Kelly)
18. George and Black Chick Escape
19. Parade
20. Top of the Heap

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Allen Toussaint - Black Samson (1974)

"Black Samson" is another one of those, "why on earth did they not release a soundtrack for this film" type of movie. Most of the music was done by Allen Toussaint with guest features from The Meters and Willie West. This custom made OST features more dialog (great for sound bites for producers) with faint music in the background. Other than the theme song and ending credits, we are some what left with only a taste of what this soundtrack could sound like if there was an official release. Nevertheless, we at Blaxploitation Pride felt it was necessary to highlight this film and it's music. Artwork and soundtrack was done by BP's own, Funkback. Thanks brother!

01. Black Samson (Theme) (Vocal by Willie West)
02. Samson's Place (Mobsters) (Theme)
03. Willie, O.K. Let's Play Some Groovy Music (Johnny Napa & Harry In The Street)
04. Henry & The Lion (I'm From African Background Too)
05. Johnny & Tina (You're Starting To Bug Me)
06. Arthurs Funeral Parlor (Brothers)
07. Samsons Alley (You Gotta Be Crazy To Try This In A Nigger Neighborhood)
08. Old Henry Plays The Blues
09. On The Roof (Mr. Briggs)
10. Could You Spare A Quarter (Henry Did't Show Tonight)
11. Leslie's Love (You're The Bad Man)
12. Real Funky (Something Tina Can Dance To)
13. Samsons Stick
14. Old Henry Plays The Bama Dust
15. The Queen Bee Is Gone (Live 'Till I Die Happy)
16. Samson Finds Leslie
17. Samson Escapes
18. Samsons Roar (The Fight)
19. End Theme (Just Like The Old Days) (Vocal by Willie West)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Solomon Burke & Jerry Styner - Hammer (1972)

Blax Pride presents an exclusive soundtrack made by our very own at Blaxploitation Pride, Funkback. "Hammer" is another one of those films that never had a soundtrack officially released. Credits are given to Solomon Burke and Jerry Styner (the same Jerry Styner who assisted Gene Page with the Cool Breeze OST and the Burke album "We're Almost Home"). This soundtrack features a few funky tracks along with some unknown library cuts. Many of the tracks consist of some cool dialog, so it makes you want to see the film every time you listen the soundtrack.

01. Hey B.J. (Hammer Theme)
02. B.J.'s Turf (The Ride With Lois)
03. Mary At B.J.'s Pad (Mama It's Just Like The Buss, Miss One, Just Catch Another)
04. Roughhouse (Do The James Brown)
05. Brenner Kills Roughhouse
06. Let's Go Celebrate (Champ)
07. The Kit With The Whip (Don't You Cool-Mama Me)
08. Rhoda's Love Scene (Save It For A Rainy Day)
09. Smuggle Chase
10. Champ's Party (Bourgeouise Nigger)
11. I'll Be Your Nigger (Drunk Rhoda)
12. Lois' Love Theme (Loving You Is On My Mind)
13. Sonny Talkin' Trash (What's Happnin')
14. B.J.'s Second Thoughts (The Professor & Davis)
15. Sid's Boys (Theme)
16. Brenner's Got Lois
17. Sid's Swansong
18. Sid Gets It
19. Sonny's Gang (The Fight)
20. B.J. & Brenner (Theme)
21. Hey B.J. (End Theme)
22. Main Theme From Hammer (Bonus)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

H.B. Barnum - Hit Man (1972)

Blaxploitation Pride presents another fan made Blaxploitation soundtrack. Credits gives the musical score to H.B. Barnum, but from our understanding there was never an official release. It would be great if this was to ever surface. If you have any more information, please let us know.

This soundtrack features a couple of funky tracks, which is mainly the title theme and ending credits that are not drowned out by a little dialog. Nevertheless, you here the funkiness in the background that will keep you entertained.

01. Airport Theme (Cornells Dead And So Are You For All I Care)
02. Theme From Hit Man (What You Gonna Do) (Vocal)
03. Irvelle's Superstar Treatment (Candy Lilly's House)
04. Street Theme (Looking For Rochelle)
05. Childood Memories (Cocked And Loaded)
06. Cornells Funeral (It Just Might Keep You Alive, Bitch)
07. Sherwoods Theme
08. Look Mr Jive Ass (It's Freaks Like You That Give Legitimate Pornography A Bad Name)
09. Riding In Style
10. Laurel's Canyon
11. Good Humor Man (Shag Merriweather)
12. Gozelda's A Star
13. Rochelle's Uncle
14. You're the way I like my men - proud and erect (Laurals's Pad)
15. Motel Fight
16. You must be nuts! (Huey & Tackett) (Dialogue)
17. Blues For Tyrone
18. Laural's Love
19. Tigers & Lions (Swift's Zoo)
20. You Houseniggers Got That (Dialogue)
21. No 1 On My Shitlist
22. Gozelda's Yellow Mustang
23. Gozelda's Lead Role
24. Rochelles First Porno (Vocal)
25. Street Theme 2 (Rochelles Pad)
26. Rochelles Lullaby
27. Swift's Dead
28. Lions Eat Gozelda
29. Tyrone Lays It Down (Dialogue)
30. Oliver's Hanged (Zito)
31. Zito's Party (I Want Shag)
32. Kiss My Ass Honkey Faggot (Dialogue)
33. Shootout At Zito's
34. Run Fat Greasy Nigger (Shag Chase)
35. End Theme (Zito's Multiple Gunshot Wounds)
36. Theme From Hit Man (The End) (Vocal)
37. Theme From Hit Man (What You Gonna Do) (Vocal) (Bonus)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Various Artist - Catch My Soul (Unofficial Soundtrack, 1973)

Blaxploitation Pride has unearth another Blaxploitation master piece. "Catch My Soul" (1973) has finally been released on Blu Ray/DVD. The film contains an surprisingly excellent soundtrack, which we have made for the fans of BP. You will enjoy many grooves and dialect from the soundtrack with the actors of the film being the ones to produce the score. There is an official soundtrack release for this film ("Catch My Soul" official release at discogs), so we are seeking the official release, but for now we can enjoy this fan made OST by Blaxploitation Pride until the official release surfaces.

01. Wash U Clean.mp3
02. Working on a Building.mp3
03. Othello (Theme, Part I).mp3
04. Desdemona.mp3
05. Catch My Soul [Iago].mp3
06. Open Your Eyes.mp3
07. Backwoods Preacherman.mp3
08. Looking Back.mp3
09. Eat The Bread, Drink The Wine.mp3
10. Chug A Lug (Drinking Song).mp3
11. I Found Jesus.mp3
12. Run Shaker Life.mp3
13. Catch My Soul (Iago, Part II).mp3
14. Book of Prophecy.mp3
15. Holy Ghost Building.mp3
16. Catch My Soul (Iago, Part III).mp3
17. Othello (Theme, Part II).mp3
18. Dialog.mp3
19. Lust of the Blood.mp3
20. Tickle His Fancy.mp3
21. Why.mp3
22. Othello (Theme, Part III).mp3
23. Catch My Soul (Iago, Part IV).mp3
24. Put Of The Lights.mp3
25. Othello (Theme, Part IV).mp3

Monday, July 20, 2015

Luchi De Jesus & Holland/Dozier/Holland - Detroit 9000 [OST] (1973)

Another righteous soundtrack done by the legendary Luchi De Jesus. This soundtrack features the melodies that we've been accustom to hearing from De Jesus, such as the, "Wah-Wah" screaming guitar in "Friday Foster" and "Black Belt Jones."  It has been said that there is a Capital Hi-Cue Reel 114 featuring cuts from De Jesus in released '77. This rare library record may potentially contain some recordings for "Detroit 9000". While our fan based custom made soundtracks are great, we would really like to get our hand on authentic material!

01. Opening Credits (Theme From Detroit 9000)
02. Win With Clayton (Touch Me Jesus & Sunday Morning People Medley) (Vocal)
03. The Heist (Masked Men)
04. The Heist (Gunmen Escape)
05. The Heist (Look For The Answer, You'll Find It In Him) (Vocal)
06. A Honky Caper (Dialogue)
07. You're Allergic To Motown (Dialogue)
08. 9000 Officer In Trouble (Theme)
09. Throw A Punch At Me (No Name Bar)
10. Buzz The Fuzz (Dialogue)
11. The Sanatorium
12. Hot & Black (Jessie)
13. Ethel's Place (Party At The Brothel)
14. The Doctor (Ferdie The Pimp)
15. Stakeout (The Ultimate Product Of Your Jive Ass Honky Establishment) (Dialogue)
16. Stakeout (Milo Get's In The Way)
17. The Indian (Theme)
18. Boat Chase
19. Ruby
20. Ruby (Keep My Baby Warm) (Vocal)
21. Tell You How It Was (Ruby's Place) (Theme)
22. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Aubrey Hill-Clayton)
23. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (50 Seconds)
24. The Man Don't Like Waitin' (Every Black Man Ain't Your Brother)
25. After Holly Hill (The Bust)
26. Another Rip-Off, Fa-Sho (Like A Raunchy Rabbit)
27. Dan Dies (Clayton's Speach)
28. The Worst Cop I Ever Knew (The End)
29. The Bust (Complete)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tom Scott and the L.A. Express - Uptown Saturday Night [OST] (1974)

Another unofficial release, brought to you by the brothers of Blax-Pride. In this post, we feature the soundtrack to "Uptown Saturday Night" by Tom Scott and L.A. Express, also featuring a 7" version of "Uptown Saturday Night" theme sung by Bill Harris. It is unfortunate that there was never an official soundtrack release of this film. Considering how incredible "Let's Do It Again" by Curtis Mayfield and the Staple Singers, and "A Piece of the Action", by Curtis Mayfield and Mavis Staples; Uptown Saturday would have delivered a very similar vibe (minus the production of Curtis Mayfield, which automatically puts it 3rd best to the other two soundtracks). But who's comparing?

01. Uptown Saturday Night (Vocal)
02. Steve At Work
03. You're My Queen
04. Drinkin' & Thinkin' 'Bout Zenobias
05. Madam Zenobias One O' Clock
06. Madam Zenobia
07. Checkin' The Scene
08. What's Behind The Red Door
09. I Gotta Get In This Game
10. Seven Again
11. Hold Up
12. In Your Underwear
13. Climbing Higher Mountains (Vocal)
14. Sanctified Sleep
15. Out In The Streets
16. Con-Grift-Man
17. Nobody Loudtalks Little Seymore
18. Geechy Dan Buford
19. Shootout
20. Hot Pursuit
21. Take 'Em Out
22. Silky Slim
23. How I Got Over (Vocal)
24. Church Picknick
25. Joy Juice
26. African Ceremonial Pageant
27. Cops
28. Slim's Getaway (The Chase)
29. How I Got Over (End Titles)
30. Uptown Saturday Night (Dobie Gray)
31. Uptown Saturday Night Trailer

Bill Harris - Uptown Saturday Night [7'']  (1974)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Charles Bernstein - That Man Bolt [OST] (1973)

The funky sounds of Blax-Fu brought to you buy the legendary, Charles Bernstein. "That Man Bolt" (1973), did not have an official soundtrack release, but our masters of Blaxploitation managed to take the time to compile an incredible score for the soundtrack lovers. Complete with funk, jazz, soul, drama, and nifty soundbites, "That Man Bolt" ost embodies every lasting taste that you desire from a Blaxploitation soundtrack.  Enjoy!

01. Macao
02. Main Theme From That Man Bolt
03. Setup (Bolt Theme)
04. Bolt Leaves The Airport (Bolt Theme)
05. The Briefcase
06. Car Park (Bolt Theme)
07. Bolt Bolts (The Chase)
08. New Wheels
09. In Vegas To See Tony
10. She's A Lady (Teresa Graves)
11. In My Part Of Town (Teresa Graves)
12. Samanthas Theme (Dialogue)
13. Roulette
14. Sam's Sweet Love (Killer Sneaks In)
15. Sam's Dead
16. Tony's Pad
17. Leaving for Hong Kong (Dialogue)
18. Bolt's On The Move (Hong Kong Airport)
19. The Bank Is In, Up To It's Distinguished Brittish Ass (Dialogue)
20. What Took You Boys So Long (Kho Hung Fireworks)
22. Accupuncture Torture (The Fight)
23. See The Man In The Bowler Hat
24. Fan Tan Bath House (The Monks OF Chen-Fu)
25. Bolt Searchs For Facts
26. Kumada's Banquet
27. Dominique Kuan's Bedroom
28. Happy New Year Mr Kumada
29. Kumada Sends Spider After Bolt (2nd Fight)
30. Tami's Garden (Baby San)
32. Fireworks (Happy New Year Kumada)
33. I'll Take It From Here (Dialogue)
34. On Land And Water (The Chase)
35. Kumadas Estate (Bolt Theme)
36. Death Of Spider (The Fight)
37. Back To The Airport
38. End Tiltles (Main Theme From That Man Bolt  Reprise)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vicente 'Tito' Sotto - T.N.T. Jackson (1975)

01. Main Title Theme
02. Fight 1
03. Fight 2
04. Loungin'
05. Drug Deal
06. You Want It Black, You Got It Black
07. Fight 3
08. Blax-Fu Battle
09. Final T.N.T Jackson Blax-Fu Symphony
Here is a treat for the BP community. I extracted some killer shots from T.N.T Jackson. Well there is little to no info of this soundtrack being released, but doing some digging I came across who produced the music from the movie. The wiki page says Tito Sotto produced the music and this source here:

The soundtrack was never commercially available as far as I know. Composer was a Filipino guy, Vicente 'Tito' Sotto, who also composed the soundtrack for a whole string of movies and tv shows in the 70's. Dude is a famous tv presenter actor, composer, and a senator in the Philippines. He did the TNT Jackson soundtrack for Cirio H. Santiago, a big Filipino producer/director who did a few cross over kung fu exploitation flicks with an exotic locale for infamous b movie mogul Roger Cormans' New World Pictures in the 70's. Santiago and Corman also did a kung fu stewardess flick together, back to back with TNT Jackson, called Fly Me. which also has a very ill soundtrack.
The soundtrack score is killer and very funky. I would consider this a prime example of what Blax-Fu music is. Driven by the flute with a classic funky blaxploitation sound of the base guitar is pure enjoyment. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rheet Taylor and Sonny Smith - Super Spook (1972)

01. Main Title Theme - Rheet Taylor
02. Super Spook - Sonny Smith
03. Go'on With Your Bad Self - Sonny Smith
04. The Chase - Rheet Taylor
Killer tracks composed by Rheet Taylor and performed by Sonny Smith. There was a rare 45 released by Sonny Smith containing "Super Spook" and "Go'on With Your Bad Self". The two tracks by Rheet Taylor was ripped from the movie.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Life, U.S.A. - Black Force (1975)

Life, U.S.A.
Black Force [a.k.a. Force Four] (1975)
Original Soundtrack Score

1. Force Four Theme 
2. Evil
3. Loving You Is So Beautiful
4. Fistful of Force
5. Lock Up Time
6. Tretra Circle
There is absolutely nothing available online about this funky soul group Life, U.S.A. I got the information from the movie poster and the end credits of the movie. I came up with a few titles, which are in the movie performed very well. Enjoy!