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Friday, November 25, 2016

Ed Cobb Featuring Sheldon Lee - The Bad Bunch (1973, OST)

The Bad Bunch [a.k.a. Tom] (1973) is pretty much a five-fist blaxploitation film, not because it was a decent film, but because it embodies all the elements you would look for in a Blaxploitation movie. The soundtracks, which was never officially released was credited to Ed Cobb with some of the vocals done by Sheldon Lee. The soundtrack is fairly groovy with a solid mix of soul, blues, and even some psychedelic funk. Dialect is pretty much throughout the entire soundtrack. It's possible that some of these tracks may had an official release on a 45 or something, so if anyone comes across a familiar track and has the official release, please let us know.

01. N*****r Lover [Theme] (Performed by Sheldon Lee)
02. Interlude
03. Interlude (theme)
04. Honkey Chase
05. Dialog
06. Cops Theme #1
07. Strip Club
08 Makimba Chase
08. Cops Theme #2
09. Interlude (theme)
11. Tina's Apartment #1
12. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #1
13. Tina's Apartment #2
14. Brother's Blues
15. Willie the Pimp
16. Interlude (theme)
17. Love Sure Does Look Good On You
18. Makimba's Irony
19. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #2
20. Hippie Party (I)
21. Hippie Party (II)
22. Hippie Party (III)
23. I Wish For Love
24. 19. Jim and Nancy's Ballad #3
25. Makimba's Vengeance
26. Cops Theme #3
27. Cop Killer
28. A Day For Marriage
29. N*****r Lover [Theme Instrumental]