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Friday, November 11, 2016

Les tripes au soleil [a.k.a. Checkerboard] (1959)


This film is not for the thin-skinned or easily offended. The tiny desert town of Cicada is a Checkerboard of poverty and racial tension that explodes when Bob, a 20-year-old white Army veteran, asks the lovely black-skinned Bessie to the Saturday night dance. Uh oh. Bob is attacked by white bigots though a hooker blames the attack on the blacks. Before long, a lynch mob is looking for someone -- anyone -- to hang and almost strings up Bob until -- get this -- he throws his fake leg at them.... Imagine Southern-style sleaze done as an off-kilter art film by the French and you might have some idea of what to expect from this bizarre mix of sex, racism, and cynical humor...