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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lalo Schifrin - Golden Needles (1974)

This is an official soundtrack release for the Blax-fu film guest starring Jim Kelly, Golden Needles. The music was composed by the legendary Lalo Schifrin (also the composer for Enter the Dragon). This is not your typical Blaxplotiation soundtrack that you would normally hear. No need to expect much of that funky bass "wah-wah" or the hard hitting congas. This soundtrack has more of a jazzy and stage-screen type of sound. Mostly mood music to correlate with scenes of the film, such as "Health Club Fight" track that is of course, uptempo.

01. The golden statue
02. Golden needles (main title)
03. Acupuncture #1
04. Flames - Lin Toa
05. Love theme
06. Fortune teller - Snake shop - Snakes
07. Felicity
08. Mongolian supper
09. Chinese paintings
10. Empty hangers - Attack on Kwan - Chinese cemetery
11. Airports - Street fight
12. Winters' mansion - Winters - It's time
13. Taxi
14. Antique shop - Health club
15. Health club fight
16. Acupuncture #2
17. Menace - Hong Kong street
18. Heavies approach - Harbor sequence
19. Harbor chase - Crowds - Conclusion
20. Golden needles (end titles)
21. Finzie's piano #1
22. Chinese street source
23. Finzie's piano #2
24. Golden needles of love