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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whitewash (1994)

  • Ruby Dee
  • Serena Henry
  • Ndehru Roberts
This film chronicles the story of two young Black kids being raised by their grandmother in the Bronx. One day, on the way home from school, the children are assaulted by a racist White gang. The gang members hurl shockingly brutal racial epithets and the startling confrontation is culminated when the young boy is beat up and the girl is sprayed white. The film continues by showing how the community responds - the media, the classroom, the family itself. My initial response to the film was horror - I was watching it with my 8-year-old daughter and was extremely surprised at the coarse language. Yet, it is very real and I was pleased at the conversation that we were able to have afterward. My daughter told me that she felt the theme of the film was "being strong". I highly recommend the film, but the viewers must be braced for the powerful reaction younger audiences may have.