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Friday, December 7, 2012

Mr. Ricco (1975)


Accused murderer Frankie Steele walks free, thanks to the efforts of San Francisco defense lawyer Joe Ricco. Then a pair of cop killings strikes the city. All signs point to the newly released Steele as the perpetrator. Has Ricco sprung a killer? Convinced that Steele isn't behind the murders, Ricco launches an inquiry and runs up against a police lieutenant assigned to birddog him, evidence planted by a racist cop and several assassination attempts on Ricco himself. As the mystery deepens, so does the danger. And behind it all is someone the attorney never suspected. Cindy Williams plays Ricco's office assistant.


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for this post

SelfScience said...

You're very welcome anonymous.

Anonymous said...

This film is an interesting artifact. The liberal white knight screws up and gets the wrong man off on a murder charge. Only so-so as a mystery, but for a Dean Martin vehicle, the language and content is just about as adult as a picture could get in '75 for a mainstream film. Martin plays it straight and low key and turns in a fine performance. Strong supporting cast.