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Monday, December 10, 2012

Joanna (1968)


Joanna follows a 17 year old girl (Genevieve Waite) who comes to London and falls into the swinging cosmopolitan of the big city; before associating herself with some high-rollers via her connections to the art world. Indulging in random holidays abroad - courtesy of her newfound friend Lord Sanderson (Donald Sutherland) -  and casual sex, courtesy of the rest of her male friends. However, when Joanna eventually falls in love with Gordon (Calvin Lockhart, The Baron, Uptown Saturday Night), her life begins to catch up with her, causing her endless trouble and problems. Michael Sarne displays the changing attitudes to love and sex in the 1960’s through the eyes of a promiscuous young art student, all the while highlighting issues with racism, drugs and sexual politics.