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Monday, February 11, 2008

Melvin Van Peebles - Don't Play Us Cheap (1972)

1. You Out up the Clothes in the Closet of My Dreams
2. Break That Party and Opening
3. Eight Day Week
4. Bowsers Thing
5. Book of Life
6. Quittin' Time
7. Ain't Love Grand
8. I'm a Bad Character
9. Know Your Business
10. Feast on Me
11. Ain't Love Grand
12. Break That Party
13. Someday It Seems That It Just Don't Even Pay to Get Out of Bed
14. Quartet
15. Phoney Game
16. It Makes No Difference
17. Bad Character Bossa Nova
18. Quarter
19. Washingtons Thing
20. (If You See a Devil) Smash Him
A two record set from the prolific Melvin Van Peebles of Sweet Sweetback fame. Taken from a musical comedy, as you'd expect there are plenty of vocal or ensemble numbers. They're backed by a really groovy jazz band comprising strong horn section, back line, guitar and piano. And these cats can play! Once let loose on the instrumentals you get to hear them let rip properly. Check out the excellent funky soul jazz of 'The Washingtons Thing' to hear the best cut off the album - buy for that track and you won't regret it.