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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gault McDarmot - Cotton Comes To Harlem (1970)


1. Cotton Comes To Harlem - George Tipton
2. Coffin Ed And Grave Digger
3. Going Home - Sakinah
4. Sunlight Shining - Leta Galloway
5. Man In Distress
6. Harlem Medley
7. Black Enough - Melba Moore
8. Stockyard
9. The Loving Ballad - Denise Dillapena
10. Deke
11. Down In My Soul - Leta Galloway
12. Harlem By Day
13. My Salvation - Melba Moore
14. Ed And Digger
This soundtrack was written by the artist behind the musical 'Hair', Galt McDermot. An early and entertaining entry into 1970s black cinema, the album is equally rewarding and slightly tongue-in-cheek. There are some great groovy vocal numbers - the theme is noteworthy - and a few good instrumentals.