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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ed Bogas - Black Girl (1972)

1. Black Girl (sung by Betty Everett)
2. B.J.'s Step
3. Get Me To The Bridge (sung by Rodger Collins)
4. Mother's Day Song | Power (trumpet solo: John Hunt)
5. Mother's Day Song II
6. Black Girl Cue (saxophone by Sonny Stitt)
7. No World For Dreamers
8. I Am Your Mailman (sung by Rodger Collins)
9. What It Is
10. Earl (Still A Pearl)
11. Chock-lite Puddin (organ solo by Merl Saunders)
12. Black Girl Cue II
13. Chock-lite Puddin' Cue
14. Sister
Once again Fantasy called on their regular artists Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin to put together a soundtrack to a movie that received good reviews from the white critics of the time. The music has a happy feel, an exuberance which is obviously present in the film. It's mainly instrumental and of a high standard, featuring big name jazz players of the 70's. Look out particularly for "B.J's Step".